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The Heroes of Calaf - La Fortesa

by Maxen » Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:37 pm

La Campaña de Catalunya

Una sesión de juego de rol único conjunto aquí en las montañas de la península Ibérica. Usted tontos no saben lo que es más allá de Blightey…

As the orange and salmon light spilled over the beautiful mountains of Monserrat in Catalunya, Hispania, the four figures sat drinking from mugs of dark ale in the Fairview Inn, Farez (near La Fortesa). The fire crackled in the corner, people milled about, talking aimlessly. As the three Hispanians and one dwarf chatted amongst themselves, the mayors emissary entered the inn, a well dressed Hispanian man of middle years. He explained to the Catalan crew that a number of dissappearances have been happening in the local area. Most notably Old Joe Strongfoot went missing a couple of days ago. His concubine – Jane Matahar – went looking for him then mysteriously was lost without trace. The mayor of Farez is offering 5,000 gold-pennies (half-crowns, G.P.) for the safe retrieval of the two missing persons (both Gnomes).

The group then described their appearance, how they looked to one another and a general outline of what they were about. First came Pep Prim (a.k.a.¨Slim¨). A dwarf from the Kazakh mountains, adorned in a red-robe with a blue trim. Pep was a newcomer to La Fortesa from a few years back, the latest member of the team. Sired by an uncaring, abusive father, Pep is more than a little quirky. Speaking with a lisp and not entierly sure of himself, he took a big chance escaping his turmulteous family-life, he went on the road. Landing in Monserrat, he found a place a court wizard among the nobilesse of La Fortesa. Although he is the only member belonging to a different religious order (Yurgain – the dwarvern gawd of magick, the others belong to the church of Luvia, the blind gawd) he is accepted into the fold with open arms, a welcome addition to the team. Not only a master magicker, but also a geologist, gen-cutter and alchemical expert.

Then came Gulfrey the Serene, a paladin of Luvia, the head of La Fortesa. He is dressed in a tailor-made suit of Plate-Mail armour, and is usually riding his warhorse Seraphim (a signature mount and a Wilder-Mare, see page 55, H.o.B. volume VII). The veritable Lord of La Fortesa and unquestionable leader of the group, Gulfrey is a man of fair countenance and lives by modest means. Of good-family and definatly a fellow of class and sophistication, this noble knight is usually the first to take the initiative and is almost always found on the front-line of danger. A brave and noble knight, Galfrey is the front-line fighter of the Catalan crew.

After that we come to Thomas of Notley, a priest of Luvia, a quiet, pious fellow with a cynical side. He is the preacher of the Catalan crew and deals with all matters divine and meta-physical. Zealously devoted to Luvia, the gawd of justice, he wears only his modest clerical robes and carries a magick-banner of Luvia, bearing the insignia of the religion, the scales of justice. Although he suffers from bouts of dark, cantakerous moods, Thomas is almost always the man behind the any plans the group makes. Intelligent, wise and almost always providing sage council, Thomas heals the sick and poor, bringing the faith of Luvia´s justice, to all who need it.

Last but by no means least, we have Orioll the ranger. Another Hispanian, the sheriff and custodian of the lands surrounding Monserrat. A calm, stoic fellow, blessed with a quiet way about him, this ranger-type dude was the voice of reason found within the royal court of Catalunya. He is has a trimmed beard and is usually well-dressed, although somewhat rugged-looking, he walks with the air of a king, and is sure-footed, to boot. His gait was that of a graceful cat-like movement, every inch the forestry expert of La Fortesa, Orioll is an experienced hunter and animal trainer. As straight as an arrow and as stong as the bow that fired it, this is one wiley character, a real card.

Alas, the emissary departed after leaving the Catalan crew to ponder their offer. As soon as the dandy passed through the door, another man entered. He was a tall man, angry looking and seemed to want credit at the bar. The server said that it was not possible. The tall man soon became angry, Osbert had quite a temper. At seeing the scene, Gulfrey and Orioll rose out of there seats to ask the man whatever was the matter. Osbert became even angrier, asking what business it was of theirs. Galfrey immediatly threw down the gauntlet, challenging the half-ogre to an honour duel. Orsbert Torqen neither accepted nor refused but then began taking off his armour, put down his shield and sheathed his sword. Galfrey wondered why his potential opponent was doing, as soon as the magickally disguised half-ogre realised that it was about to turn into a mortal challenge, he refused to fight the little knight. Leaving the bar after donning his armour once more saying, ¨This is not the last you will see of me, I can assure you.¨. Orioll and Galfrey went back to their drinks. After finishing up they went outside, only to witness the half-ogre Osbert storming down the street, his friends in tow (Saemus and Maud McFinnigan!). Then Galfrey drew his blade, utilising his ¨dispel hostile magick¨ ability. The McFinnigan posse soon realised t´was futile to attack such well-protected heroes, they slinked away into the shadows from whence they came. The encounter over as swiftly as it had began.

The Catalan crew found the mayor (who happened to be the innkeeper at the Fairview tavern), accepted the quest to find the whereabouts of the missing Gnomes, failing that, discovering what fate befell this missing couple. The group mounted up and set off at once, journeying north-east, towards a haunted crypt they had also been told of, not too far from La Fortesa. En route they encountered (and quickley avoided) 400 or so hostile blood-urchins. Upon reaching the adventure site, the crew set up camp, as it was becoming dark. The setting sun kissing the horizon. Orioll checked for traces of footprints and tracks of anyone passing nearby recently. This showed that the gnomes were taken into the center of a clearing within the Wishing Tree Woods. Old stones, turned over and covered in moss surrounded the clearing. The central tomb was where the impressions in the ground ended. Deciding to wait until morning, the group set up a watch rota.

(More to come very soon, I´m typing it up now, here in Barcelona)

by Maxen » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:27 am
The Catalan Campaign (continued)

Following an uneventful night, Galfrey, Orioll, Pep and Thomas of Notley awoke to a clear bright and crisp autumn morning, ten miles north of La Fortesa. The yellow and orange array of leaves on the trees fell all about them, blanketing the forest floor with a thick, deep sheet of colourful vegetation. After some deliberation about how they were to gain access into the tomb, Thomas of Notley came up with the idea of attaching a rope to his wagon train of Oxen then have them pull the top of the sepultura off, using the oxens strength. Not only was this an inspired idea, but the magickal wardings protecting the entrance were triggered. A huge firey explosion went-off harming no-one but cinging a good ten or so feet off of Orioll´s silk rope. Pulling the blackened top-stone lid off of the sarcophagus, the four men peered down in to the darkness. Orioll (rather bravely) took the lead, being lowered down on a rope to assess the situation. Once down, he discovered a number of skeletal remains, also a narrown corridor leading from north to south. The others swiftly followed suit, as Orioll the Ranger began examining the tracks made by the people who dwell here. He discovered that the footsteps led from north to south, and that several types of impression were made. Some having only three toes, most unusal, and also some other human feet, bound in chains, led downwards into the cavern.

The south exit was covered in a sweaty secrition, a bone-like substance (see John Carpenter and Ridley Scott movies, namely Dark Star and also – without wanting to give the game away – the place designated as LV426). The north corridoor is much more defined, less natural, but made up of stainless-steel walls and sliding doors. Once Galfrey had donned his armour once more, the group began to investigate towards the north. Before they could hope to go anywhere though, a dozen Dimension Demons appeared, all carrying lazer-ray guns and leading a chain-gang of slaves from Farez. The group froze, then entered in to negociations. One of the Dimension Demons (Greys, aliens, straight out of SG-1, Perfect Dark or the classic Area-51 style grey, save taller, black and more nasty!). The parleying went reasonably well I suppose. Initially I was laying it on thick, adopting a ´District Nine´ style voice, lots of clicks and stuff. (Orioll praised me on this most excellent bit of roleplaying on my part, afterwards, when we were coming back from clubbing after the game weekend had finished. Coming from another DM this was good to hear.) I wish you people could have seen it. Anyhow. Diplomacy failed when Orioll said that the prisoners were to be released. The Dimension Demons tried to barter. The lives of hostages in exchange for the skeletal remains they (the Catalan crew) stood on but more importantly, Pep´s spell-book. Our team were (of course) having none of it. Galfrey waded in there, using his Karate-Kid Crane style to goad the enemy into attacking (like Garag, Galfrey has the combat arrogance quirk – he may not attack until he is attacked himself). The gagwallers obliged him by firing off a dozen ray guns at the paladin. {I was really spawny here getting no less than seven open-ended damage rolls, taking Galfrey down to but twenty hit-points, out of eighty odd.} Gulfrey even took a severity level seven critical hit to the buttocks!! Loosing him some Honour in the process. Orioll had a clear shot and fired two arrows into a Dimension Demon, messing him up proper style. The grey failed his threshold of pain check and was down, out for the count. Thomas used the staff of blinding to get the bad guys. Galfrey attacked with his sun-blade, he needed only a two or more. he rolled a one on a D20, a fumble! No!! His armour came loose (-1 to hit for the duration, effectively). Then Pep Prim Slim cast Monster Summoning. Four Slazteks appeared, then began to attack the greys, who returned fire with a volley of lazer beams. {then we stopped for the night. We started the session at midnight}

The next day {in the real world} meant we picked up where we left off. The gagwallers moved back provoking an attack of opportunity for Galfrey, abiding by his code of chivalry, Galfrey did not attack an enemy who´s back is facing him, so reserved his initative. Orioll wasn´t so kind, downing another baddy with his bow. Galfrey did however use his trip-attack ability on one then pinned him with a wrestling maneouver, Thomas cast Hold Person on one, Pep slammed into them with a fireball sidewinder factor II, being sure not to hit any party members, nor any of the N.P.C.´s they were here to save. Thomas moved up, and began looting the bodies. Two sliding doors shut at either side of the corridors. Orioll gave chase, prying the left hand side door open with this sword. Pep followed him. While doing so he used his alchemy skill to determine what kind of machine he and the ranger found in this chamber. The baddies were nowhere to be seen. They were confronted by a large circular contraption, with seven smaller circles inside it (I made it blatantly obvious this was a Star-Tr3k style teleporter). Galfrey and Thomas began tying up the gagwaller prisoners and the pair looted their bodies, recuperating ray-guns galore.

(I will finish the rest of the lengthy write up tommorow… Must go to crash now…)

by Maxen » Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:24 pm
Okay, firstly let me say I´m sorry I haven´t been quick in typing this up, and that I´m having to do so in peice-meal chunks, Barcelona is a very busy city. I have had lots to do (such as seeing the Gaudi master-peices and also meeting the cities fellow artists and musicians). I will get back on the flex as soon as I can, I just got back from my last night out in Barcelona, and have been treated extremely well by ´Galfrey´ just been out for a meal, got drunk and am ready to get chonged, I´ll update you all when I can be arsed. Max-out.

As the team descended the dark depths of the gagwaller research outpost, they could hear a commotion from up above. Silhoutted by the moonlight, the faces appeared, shouting taunts down at the Catalan crew. T’was Osbert, Maud and Saemus, who, after sobtaging Thomas’ cart and oxen, dissapeared from sight. Seraphim the Wilder-Mare made it away.

by Maxen » Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:40 pm
Orioll could hear the screams of the captured slaves, he ran to save them. This time his sword nearly broke, only just making it’s saving throw, trying and subsequently failing to pry the sliding door open. Pep tried the door and managed t force entry. Ahead lay two remaining Slaztek lizardmen summons, badly wounded and engaged with the aliens. The slaves were all within large test tubes, crying out for help. As Galfrey bound the held prisoner, Thomas noticed one of the aliens come-to, he quickley bound the near-mortally wounded and now heavily damaged enemy; then the pair shuffled the prisoners towards the chamber to the right, where Pep and Orioll were. As Pep ran in, Orioll began freeing the prisoners, by smashing the glass tubes. Strange fluids flooded the floor and weakened prisoners fell to the ground, the ranger adriotly caught each one after breaking their glass prison. Pep, Thomas and Galfrey beat the two remaining gagwallers into submission. In doing so Thomas planted his banner of Luvia, blinding all non-believers. Pep was the only one affected, he was now blinded, permenantly!! {Well, until they could find a temple and a Cure Blindness spell} Pep roleplayed this excellently, going along with his Compulsive Liar flaw saying, “Though I am now blinded, I can see the light! I see the light!”

After making sure all the evil-aliens were securely fastened, Orioll tended to the freed slaves in their malnurished condition, giving them some provisions from his store, meanwhile, Galfrey and Thomas set to searching the place. Tying a rope to the first locker-handle, the two priestly people stood well back. After a tense moment they braced themselves for a trap being sprung. Nothing happened. They found a gagwaller dictionary and razz-mag or two. Orioll wanted to scout on ahead, Thomas said “Let’s make sure we’ve searched everything first.”, the Ranger replied, “Nay, we must make haste lest more slaves meet a torturous fate.” Harsh words were exchanged. The differences of opinions ran deep. After calming down, Orioll the ranger went his way, Thomas kept searching the room, along with Galfrey. Pep tried to commune with his minute firefly familiar, to help him guide the magicker back out of the complex. The little light-bug was unable to do so, one of the freed slaves offered to aid the now-blind wizard out. Galfrey told a gagwaller hostage to step inside the remaining device. The alien did so. Lights flashed and the gagwaller came out most eloquent, speaking in an alien equivalent of the Queen’s English (well, gagwaller tongue). Galfrey boldley stepped in to the device, he came out being able to speak Dimension Demon.

The now liberated people of Farez needed to get out of this horrid place. This prompted the others to follow suit, making their way back down the corridor, the way they came. Orioll investigated the last room, seeing before him a living wall, horrendously experimented on. Their was nothing they could do to save him/her/them. The ranger returned to the shaft entrance, where a crowd of curious villagers stood atop the crypt opening, torches in hand, they called down to the crew, lowering a knotted rope. The Catalan crew decided not to ‘freak out’ the simpleton villagers and so hid the gagwallers from view. Helping the liberated slaves up the ladder, the crew dispursed the crowds gathering. Two stubborn, curious villagers wouldn’t leave but did so once the paladin and company asserted their authority.

Finally the Catalunyans chose to send extra-terrestrials back to their own place in space, the gagwaller homeworld. Thomas told the aliens (through Galfrey, using the dictionary in conjunction with his newly learned language skill, from time spent in the virtual training tube) that if they showed the humans how to activate the device, that they would be unharmed. The gagwallers complied. Galfrey told them never to return to this world, lest they be dealt with less-lieniently next time.

After sending the off-worlders back, the Catalan crew destroyed the teleportation device, after which they helped poor Pep up the ladder. Galfrey took off his armour and ascended. The company considered investigating the one tunnel they had not yet explored but decided against it, on the grounds that Pep needed healing, badley. Once they had all left the complex, Galfrey donned his armour once more, then whistled for Seraphim his Wilder-Mare, who came along with Orioll’s horse in-tow. As he re-dressed, the mayor of Farez gave the crew the bounty of 5,000 gold pennies (half-crowns, G.p.), thanking them for the safe return of thier townsfolk. (The Catalunyans gained twenty points of Fame for this, as well as a shed-load of Honour. Had we been playing path-looser or the like “Ca ne exsisté pas”) They returned to the town of Farez with no encounters along the way. Upon arrival the local blacksmith and cartwright had repaired the sabotaged ox-cart for Thomas of Notley.

The fairview tavern was in celebration, with a cross-dressing Rocky Horror style cabaret in full-swing. Galfrey joined-in with gusto, Orioll was his usual solitary self (playing in-character) anyway, Orioll left the Fairview tavern, Galfrey had some of the local ale, Pep returned from the temple via the market, which was just closing. He managed to find a man on a stall selling a variety of un-cut gemstones, purchasing a few semi-precious gems, and able to see again, he returned to the tavern and had a celebratory drink of strong dwarven ale with his companion, the paladin. This was as Thomas retiered early, after finishing his prayers. Galfrey downed his pint, followed it up with a second, this time opting for some of the stronger beverages on offer. Before long, he was up on stage singing “Frankenfurter! It’s all over!” etc. etc. Pep danced with glee at getting his eyesight back. He even converted to Luvia out of neccessity (lest he be blinded again). Orioll stopped by a crashed airship of a Gnome trader, hoping to pick up a few potions. On his way there he was approached by Count Rupert of Grand-Fenwick, Prime-Minister of the duchy. T’would seem that among the liberated prisoners, the prince and princess of Grand Fenwick were freed from certain death. Congratulating the ranger and his companions for saving the future regent(s) of the small country, handing the ranger a chest containing 500 gold-crowns (H.S.P.). Orioll swiftly cained all the cash he had been entrusted with, buying a number of potions of extra-healing. While there an emissary of the church arrived with a shed-load of petty cash, gifted to him by Galfrey the paladin and Thomas of Notley – their shares of the 5,000 G.p. With instructions to buy all of the Gnome inventor’s store of extra-healing potions. Orioll left afterwards, he wandered the woods and happened upon a wounded wolf. Taking care of the animal, the two became friends. Once healed up, the Wolfy – as he was now known – went hunting with him, bringing down a roe.

The next morning, they all awoke in the Fairview tavern. Downstairs over a breakfast of weiners (sausages) and jambon (Hispanic tapas – bacon & eggs), after the division of potions by Orioll, the Catalan crew were approached by a Hobbit named Waldo. He said that the road to his village of Kalif has recently been frought with danger, and that he required an armed escort to get there safley nowerdays. T’was widely reported that a certain Robber-Baron Karnor hath been upping the frequency of attacks on travelers travelling south, through the forest of rev, also called the wishing-tree woods. Waldo needs to make it in good time to his daughters wedding. He had no coin in-which to pay the Catalunyans but had an abundance of gemstones. The Catalan crew accepted. They departed at once.

by Maxen » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:35 pm
Once away from the Fairview tavern, along the road, southward-bound … The final tid-bit to the Catalan crew sesh unfolded thus…

A pleasant day, the twittering of birds about Snuggleshire on this blazing Woad-monath* morning, a clear sky, near-no clouds in the sky…

  • Weed month

Ahead, flying in fast, above the tree-line, came the silloutes, shadowy figues of MARGOYLES (beefier variant of the Gargoyle), anyhow, Galfrey had a well-intenioned idea of using his rope and grappeling-hook, as it turned out, t’wasn’t the best idea. As Galfrey reserved his inititave, gaumless, feckless, the others took immediate action (after discerning they were hostile, naturally). Anyhow, Thomas of Notley stepped up casting Hold People, both the Margoyles failed their saves, becoming frozen in mid-air, motionless. Orioll took a couple of shots of with his magick longbow, his magick arrows hitting home, knocking one of the Margoyles for six (in cricket terms, needless to say, naturally. English-Gentlemen. Raather!) Where was I? Oh yes! Then Slim let loose by simulcasting a pair of Icy-Spheres, Finishing off one of the Margoyles, and wounding t’other. Galfrey kept the raised his Holy Avenger using his Rousing Speech skill by rallying poor Waldo, the NPC, who was looking nothing rather worried before at the sight of the magick Margoyles with which he had barley escaped once before. If it weren’t for the original underground home-grown crew. Anyway, Orioll consoled the NPC saying something akin to, “Don’t worry Waldo, we are here to protect you, fear not.” Then the ranger fired his bow at the last Margoyle taking it out. Then we argued over experince points, wen’t down the pub, and knocked it on the head from there. Here endeth the session.

The Heroes of Calaf

Character: Pem Prim “Slim” ; Culture: Dwarf; Gender: Male; Alignment: Chaotic-Good;

Occupation: Battle-Mage War-Wizard; Level: 9; Title: Spell-Sword; Current Exp.: 208,002; Exp.for Next Lv.: 275,000;

Age: 77 yrs; Height: 4’3"; Weight: 143 lbs; Hair: Red; Eyes: Black; Handedness: Ambidextrous;

Social Class: Lower-Upper Class; Patron Deity: Yurgain; Homeland: Khazak Mountain Kingdom; Adfilate Homeland: La ciutat de oro;

Hit Points: 60 (Hit-Dice Type: d4, CON.bonus: + 3); Armour Class: 5;

STRength 13 (80%); DEXterity 16 (53%); CONstitution 16 (89%);

INTelligence 16 (93%); WISdom 11 (39%); CHArisma 10 (18%);

BEAuty: 12 (94%); HONour: 81 (d12); FAME 40 {Well-Known throughout Ibia};

Quirks: Sound Sleeper, Hates Blood-Mages, Compulsive Liar, and Lisp.

Talents & Special Abilities: Blind-Fighting (pg.337 PHB), Blind-Casting (pg.54 Wizards’ Book), Touched by Yurgain (pg.340 PHB), Close to the Earth (pg.338 PHB); Simul-Casting, Spell-Jacking (x2), Spell-Prepping; Infravision (60’), + 4 saving throw bonus vs.poison; Birthright Abilities: Poison Sense (minor) & Travelling (Great)
Detection Abilities: Grade or slope in passage (5 or less on a d6), new tunnel or passage construction (5/d6), sliding and shifting walls or rooms (4/d6), stonework traps, pitfalls, and deadfalls (3/d6), approximate depth underground (3/d6);

Skills [Note: Page numbers are all referenced to the PHB unless stated otherwise]

(Languages) Modern: Common/Anglyn/Hobbit 100% (d10) pg.317; Dwarven/Gnomish/Undercommon 100%; Species LV426/Dimension-Demon/Gagwaller 27%, Hispanian Street-Slang 33%; Ancient/Dead (Language) Sabir 56% (d6) pg.317;

General: Skilled Liar 89% (d6) pg.327, Stealthy Movement 42% (d6) pg.331, Slip Away into Shadows 61% (d6) pg.330, Survival-Underground 81% (d4) pg.331, Riding-Land Based [Dwarven War Horse] 40% (d8) pg.328, Gem Cutting 27% (d4) pg.325, Map Sense 65% (d6) pg.327, Mapless Travel 40% (d8) pg.327;

Academic: Customs & Etiquette {Dwarven} 61% (d8) pg.315, Customs & Etiquette {Hispanian} 30%, Culinary Arts 76% (d10) pg.314, Appraising 57% (d8) pg.314, Appraisal-GemStones 68% (d6) pg.314, Alchemy 48% (d6) pg.313;

Arcane: Spellcraft 46% (d4) pg.313, Arcane Lore 79% (d6) pg.313; Social: Resist Persuasion 29% (d8) pg.335;

Weapon Proficiencies: Axes, Short Swords & Slings; Weapons Permitted (by Adventuring-Occupation i.e. Battlemage): Any Axes, Swords, Daggers, Slings & Staves;

Possessions: Leather Armour + 2, Bracers of Defence {A.C. 8}; Ring of Protection + 1; Sling + 1, (38) Bullets + 1; also another + 1 item (I can’t make it out from the blurry photo), 60 sceattæ (G.p. gold-pennies ), (many more items unaccounted for, due to lack of images), including: a toga, soft shoes, a knife, and a purse.

{All page numbers are referring to the P.H.B. unless stated otherwise.}
‘The Demarica’ (Standard Spell-Book) Containing 32 cantrips[/i]: Cover made of monster-hide, Vellum pages;
Spell-Book Size: 18″ × 12″; Weight: 6½ lbs (Encumberance mod.: x 4); Thickness: 6"
Pages: 64 in the Demarica (6 blank remaining);

‘The Grevan Grimoire’ (Standard Spell-Book, Leather Cover, Vellum pages)
Size: 17″ × 12″; Weight: 6 lbs (Enc. mod: x 4); Thick.: 6 "
Pages: 72 (40 blank remaining)including the following spells known to Pep:
Level I: Read Magick (p.184), Write Magick (p.186), Befriend (p.176), Shocking Grasp (p.185) & Erase (p.179) and Magick Shield (p.182);
Level II: Power Word: Detect (p.114 Wizards’ Book S.S.G.), Cloud of Pummeling Fists (Lv.II, p.188), Fireball: Sidewinder Factor II (p.190), and Heat-Seeking Fists of Thunder (p.191)
Level III: Pre-emptive Strike (p204), Protection from Missiles (p.205), and Monster Summon’ I (p.203)
Level IV: Stone Skin (p.216)
Level V: Mana’s Mindsight (p.108 – Wizards’ Book S.S.G.)

The Number of Spells Pep can Memorize and cast (without Spell-Jacking) per day:
Level I (6 per day), Lv.II (3 per day), Lv.III (3/day), Lv.IV (2/day) & Lv.V (1/day);
Spell-Jack Multiplier: x 2 (twice the amount of spells per day, % simul-cast mishap chance)

Saving Throws. vs.Paralyzation & Death (Magick): 12, vs.Poison: 8; vs.Rods, Staves & Wands: 8; vs.Petrification, Frenzy, Blood-lust, & Polymorph: 11; vs.Breath Weapon: 13; Apology: 13; vs.Spells: 9;

Family History: First-born in an upper-class dwarven family, Pep is one of ten siblings. His parents were abusive, Slim is quirky as a result.

Background: Pem Prim (a.k.a. “Slim”) the dwarven battle-mage; he believes in the dwarven earth deity: yurgain, who is also the dwarven god of honour and magick (a.k.a. the bearded mage). Pep of Martell clan was born in sacred city “La ciutat de oro” in the deep caves under mount Montserrat. The whole mountain has the shape of a big hand of Y. (the god of dwarves, it’s mentioned in the rules, I am trying to download the manual of gods). The city was built in the ancient times as a sanctuary of Yurgan but during lots of decades around the main city several mines were discovered, the most riches are Salnitre caves. a flourishing commerce in these metals and minerals led to a great wellness of the city, and the sanctuary was surrounded by new settlements. In this great city Pep was so small… and slim! everybody was laughing at him as he was trying to use hammers or transporting blocks of minerals. As he could not work as a miner he was chosen as a sentinel to watch the caves and advise in case of attacks of big insects or other creatures from the deeper levels. These attacks were so uncommon that Pep was simply walking around, studying the shape of the rocks and the secrets of the mountain. One day during the celebration of yurgain, all of the dwarves were drinking ale in the city. Unseen a group of orcs entered the caves looking for fresh food (flesh) and gold! After defeating some guards they began to march toward the city! hidden in a small corridor Pep saw them! “I will show my brothers what kind of dwarf I am!” said Pep to himself. And when the orcs entered the main cave to get to the sanctuary Pep used his knowledge of the caves and he was very lucky! he inadvertently stirred an explosive rockfall trap using salnitre residues and the caverns came crashing down on the orcs! what a victory! when other dwarves came to see it was everything clear, the orcs under the rocks and “Slim” Pep sitting on them. Slim Pep alone stood against an entire score of orcs in one fowl swoop! He saved the celebrations and the sacred city of Yurgain. That day Yurgain saw him and touched him! as a prize for his braveness his strength became as the average of his race! and the most important gift of them all: magics!
Pep the slim grow up as a battlemage, he fought hand to hand with dwarven warriors and the humans against the army of the evil enemies, who did once attack from the eastern mountains; emerging victorious, Pep was honoured. Recently he ended up in la Forteza, where a small group of dwarves is in charges of protecting the caravans of salnitre coming from Montjuic.

Character: Orioll; Culture: Human (Ibian); Gender: Male; Alignment: Chaotic-Good;

Occupation: Forest Ranger; Level: 8; Title: (Fully-fledged) Ranger; Current Exp.: 208,350; Exp.for Next Lv.: 225,000;

Age: 25 yrs; Height: 5’ 10" (1.75 m); Weight: (86 kg); Hair: Black; Eyes: Green; Handedness: Right;

Social Class: Middle Class; Patron Deity: Luvia; Homeland: La Forialesa;

Hit Points: 118 (Hit-Dice Type: d10, CON.bonus: + 2); Armour Class: 1;

STRength 17 (87%); DEXterity 18 (16%); CONstitution 15 (53%);

INTelligence 13 (76%); WISdom 14 (93%); CHArisma 14 (79%);

BEAuty: 13 (28%); HONour: 81 (d10+1); FAME 49 {Well-Known throughout Ibia};

Quirks: Maimed, Hates Half-Ogres, Hates Illusionists, Clingy (towards Thomas of Notley) and Sleep-walker.

Talents & Special Abilities: Two-Weapon Fighting (Ranger-style), Tunnel Fighting (1 to hit while fighting in tunnels), Species Enemy: Ogres (4 to hit), Hide in Shadows (49% base), Move Silently (62% base), Tracking-bonus (already applied), Animal Empathy; Opportunist, Keen Sight and Sixth Sense; Birthright Abilities: Iron Will (minor) & Animal Affinity (Great) Reynir, Wolves.

Skills [Note: Page numbers are all referenced to the PHB unless stated otherwise]

(Languages) Modern: Common/Anglyn/Hobbit 100% (d10) pg.317; Glersee {Trail Marker Language} 18% (d6) pg.317; Ancient/Dead (Language) Druidic 21% (d6) pg.317;

General: Gaming/Gambling 17% (d6) pg.325, Tracking 63% (d4) pg.332, Forage for food {in Forested areas} 51% (d6) pg.325, Identifty Animal by Tracks 57% (d6) pg.326, Hunting 64% (d6) pg.326, Stealthy Movement 55% (d6) pg.331, Slip Away into Shadows 49% (d6) pg.330, Fire Building 59% (d6) pg.324, Riding – Land Based 74& (d8) pg.328, Mapless Travel 57% (d8) pg.327, Animal Handling 62% (d10) pg.321, Animal Training 61% (d10) pg.321, Rope Use 55% (d8) pg.329, and Track Game Animal 23% (d6) pg.332;

Academic: Forestry 68% (d6) pg.315, Animal Lore 59% (d6) pg.313, Religion: General 50% (d12) pg.316, Religion: Nature-Spirit 28% (d8) pg.316 and Spirit Lore 25% (d8) pg.54 of the Wizards’ Book (S.S.G.);

Arcane: Spellcraft 50% (d4) pg.313, Arcane Lore 50% (d6) pg.313, Divine Lore 27% (d6) pg.313;

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbows {Expertise}, Long Swords {Expertise}, Short Swords, & Spears;

Possessions: Leather Armour + 3, Ring of Protection + 1; Longbow + 1, (20) Sheaf Arrows + 1; Silver-sword (Long), Studded Leather + 1, Amulet (Unidentified); 150 Sceattæ (G.p. gold-pennies ), 200 Groats/Farthings (C.p.), 200 Crowns (H.S.P.), 25 Sovereigns (P.P.), 2 Ojet d’Art (Unidentified) Brooch & Bracelet; Cloak of (Drow) Elvenkind (perishes if exposed to sunlight, otherwise as normal Cloak of Elvenkind, just at -20% effectiveness), Magick Potions: Healing, Extra-Healing, Neutralize Poison, Heroism, Grunge-Elf Kind, Cure Blindness; Druid Spell-Component Pouch, Wizard Spell-Component Pouch, Waterskin, Rope, Hunters Knife, Tinderbox, String, Dice & Cards, Fruit & Veg (for Animals), Chalk, Candle, Bedroll, Iron-Rations, Lantern, Oilskin (full), Bandages, Clean Clothes, Repair Kit, Trap Kit (snares), Booze, Tea, Spices, Oil (for weapon), Sickle, Grooming Stuff, Hide (Tarpaulin), Horsefeed, Silk Rope, Saw, Axe and lastly a Cage (left back at Castillo).

Druidic Magick Spells: Animal Friend, Bless, Bloom, Ceremony, Cure Minor Injury, Entangle, Færie Fire, Fog Vision, Invisible to Animals, Know Direction, Locate Animals & Plants, Log of Everburning, Pass Without Trace, Precipitation, Predict Weather, Purify Water, Shillelagh, Strength of Stone, and Wind Column;
Druid Detection Spells – Detect: Balance, Magick, Poison, Snares & Pits;

‘The Legmarden’ (Spell-Book): Cover made of Leather, standard issue, Vellum pages;
Spell-Book Size: 14″ × 12″; Weight: 6 lbs (Encumberance mod.: x 3); Thickness: 7"
Pages: 84 in the Legmarden (59 blank pages remaining), which contain the following cantrips, spells already known to Orioll: Blink, Giggle, Indian Burn, Dim, Feign Toughness, Nod, Creak, Noogie, Weak Bladder, Gnats, Dry, Scratch, Mouse, Coloured Lights, Colour, Dust, Wet Willie, Spider, Firefinger, Poker Face, Noise, Freshen, Rainbow, Tie/Untie, and Exude Fear;

Orioll also possesses the following Level I Wizard-Spell Scrolls (all cast at 1st Level): Read Magick, Write Magick, Protection from Sneezes, Chill Touch, Fluttersoft, and Magick-Stone {Note: these spells have not yet been written into the Legmarden, they are each housed by a leather scroll-case}

Animal Companions: Leia {Female} and Lycan {Male} Wolves (See page 91-2 of H.o.B. VII for details)

The Number of Druidic-Spells Orioll can Memorize and cast per day: Level I (1 per day);
The Number of Wizard-Spells Orioll can Memorize and cast per day: Cantrips (2 per day);

Saving Throws. vs.Paralyzation, Poison & Death (Magick): 10; vs.Rods, Staves & Wands: 12; vs.Petrification, Frenzy, Blood-lust, & Polymorph: 11; vs.Breath Weapon: 12; Apology: 15; vs.Spells: 13;

Family History: Orioll’s folks were petty officials, he is 2nd born, and of four siblings.

Character: Thomas of Notley; Culture: Human (Ibian); Gender: Male; Alignment: Lawful-Good;

Occupation: High-Priest (Zealot); Level: 8; Title: Preacher; Current Exp.: 188,784; Exp.for Next Lv.: 255,000;

Age: 31 yrs; Height: 5’ 3"; Weight: 174 lbs; Hair: None, Bald; Eyes: Blue; Handedness: Right;

Social Class: Upper Class; Patron Deity: Luvia; Homeland: La Fortez;

Hit Points: 103 (Hit-Dice Type: d8, CON.bonus: + 3, H.P.bonus Talent: + 1); Armour Class: -2;

STRength 16 (66%); DEXterity 7 (41%); CONstitution 16 (99%);

INTelligence 15 (38%); WISdom 17 (28%); CHArisma 13 (77%);

BEAuty: 16 (61%); HONour: 66 (d10); FAME 38 {Well-known locally};

Quirks: Truthful, Low Tolerance to Alcohol, Braggard, and Nagging Conscience;

Talents & Special Abilities: Sixth Sense, Opportunist, Divine Shield, Hit Point Bonus (already applied), Prophecy, Second Sight; Turn Undead, Guardian Angel, Fascinate, Incite-Rage, Soothing Word, (Priest) Spell-Casting, Spell-Jacking; Birthright Abilities: Enhanced Senses (major) Bascion, Sunray & also Touch of Decay (Great)

Skills [Note: Page numbers are all referenced to the PHB unless stated otherwise]

Languages, Modern: Common/Anglyn/Hobbit 100% (d10) pg.317, Species LV426/Dimension-Demon/Gagwaller 22%, Elfæ/Elven/Fæ 25%, and Catalunya Slang/Ibian Colloquial Dialect 33%;
Social Interaction: Rules of Fair Play 56% (d6) pg.335, Rousing Speech 54% (d6) pg.316, Poker Face 70% (d6) pg.,334 and Oration 49% (d4) pg.334;

Academic: Religion: General 71% (d12) pg.316, Religion: Luvia 66% (d8) pg.316 and Spirit Lore 22% (d8) pg.54 of Wizard’Book, S.S.G.), Ancient History (Hispania) 57% (d12) p.313; Arcane: Divine Lore 54% (d6) p.313;

Combat: Attitude Adjustment 63% (d8) p.319;
Weapon Proficiencies: Slings, Maces, Clubs and Staves;
Luvias Favoured Weapons: Mace or Club; Weapon Restictions by Adveturing Occupation (High-Priest): Any Blunt Weapons;

Spell-Spheres: Devotional (Lv.VI), Charm (Lv.III), Divination (Lv.VII), Healing (Lv.II), Sun (Lv.II), and Warding (Lv.V);
The Number of Priest-Spells Thomas can memorize and cast per day: Level I (7 per day), Lv.II (5/day), Lv.III (4/day), and Lv.IV (2/day);

Level I Priest Magick Spells: Indulgence, Remove Headache, Predict Weather, Befriend, Locate Animals & Plants, Ceremony, Conmbine, Fog Vision, Cure Light Wounds, Diagnose Injury, Endure Cold & Heat, Know Direction, Light, Purify Food & Drink, Remove Fear, Repair Strain & Sprain, andSanctuary;
Level I Detection (Priest) Spells, Detect: Snares & Pits, Poison, Evil, Balance, and Magick;
Level II Priest Magick Spells: Charm Person, Enthrall, Hold Person, Rigor Mortis, Augery, Detect Charm, Find Traps, Know Alignment, Reflecting Pool, Undetectable Alignment, Undetectable Charm, Cure Colour Blindness, Cure Moderate Wounds, Mend Tendon, Heal Light Wounds, Slow Poison, Stop Bleeding, Mend Limb, Barkskin, Resist Cold & Heat, Silence 15’ radius, Withdraw, Wyvern Watch, Resist Electricity, andResist Gas;
Level III Priest Magick Spells: Emotion Control, Hold People, Stirring Sermon, Locate Object, Obscure Object, Speak to the Dead, Dispel Magick, Glyph of Warding, Magickal Vestments, Negative Plane Protection, Protection from Fire, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Resist Acid & Caustic, andWard off Evil;
Level IV Priest Magick Spells: Free Action, Imbue with Spell-Ability, No Fear, Rigor Mortis 10’ radius, Babble, Detect Lie, Divination, Tongues, Repel Insects, Spell Immunity, and the following spells, Protection from: Lightning, Lycanthropes, Possession, Undead;

Saving Throws. vs.Paralyzation & Death (Magick): 4, vs.Posion: 7; vs.Rods, Staves & Wands: 8; vs.Petrification & Polymorph: 7, vs.Frenzy & Blood-lust: 10; vs.Breath Weapon: 10; Apology: 11; vs.Spells: 9;

Possessions: Plate Mail + 1, Full-Body (Tower) Shield (with the scales symbol of Luvia on); Sling of Smiting + 3, (20) Bullets + 2, Mace + 1, Club + 1, Electrum Water Basin, Healing Potion (10 doses), Wooden Bowl & Cutlery, Flint/Tinder, Flask of Oil, Normal Lamp, 1 oz of Hobbit Pipeweed (Muggles), 1 oz of Elven-Stardust, Robes, Vestments, Cowl (Hoodie), Cuaisse, Greaves, Padded Clothing, Tabard emblazond with the scales of Justice, Alter to Luvia inside Temple Holding, Spell ingredient pouch and Holy Symbol (Scales Pendant) 349 Sceattæ (G.p. gold-pennies ), 82 Groats/Farthings (C.p.), 33 Crowns (H.S.P.), 35 Sovereigns (P.P.);

The Faithful: Initas Apprento (Lv. V Cleric) First beginnings of a following. Initas looks after the flock (congregation) while Thomas is away adventuring. He is the fist of many followers to come.

Family History: First-Born into a Lower-Upper-Class family of Wizards. Thomas has three siblings, and a hereditary grudge towards the ‘Staunch Clan’.

Character: Guifré Pel “El Sere”; Culture: Human (Ibian); Gender: Male; Alignment: Lawful-Good;

Occupation: Paladin; Level: 8; Title: Justicar; Current Exp.: 255,082; Exp.for Next Lv.: 350,000;

Age: 29 yrs; Height: 6’ 2"; Weight: 171 lbs; Hair: Blonde; Eyes: Blue-Grey; Handedness: Right;

Social Class: Upper Class; Patron Deity: Luvia; Homeland: La Fortez;

Hit Points: 96 (Hit-Dice Type: d10, CON.bonus: + 2); Armour Class: – 3;

STRength 17 (53%); DEXterity 14 (86%); CONstitution 15 (23%);

INTelligence 12 (19%); WISdom 17 (6%); CHArisma 18 (9%);

BEAuty: 11 (71%); HONour: 74 (d10+1); FAME 49 {Renowned};

Quirks: Combat Arrogance (must – or should – attack after being damaged by any potential foe), and Dehydration (acquired during training, boot-camp, a long forced march in high-heat causes Guifré to be at minus 1 to all dice rolls when dehydrated or without water for any prolonged length of time.)

Talents & Special Abilities: Grace Under Pressure, Exp.Bonus, Legacy, + 2 to all saving throws (already applied), Detect Evil, Aura of Protection, Lay on Hands (Heals 16 H.P. once per day), and Spell-Abilities (Abjuration, Divination, and Necro.)

Skills [Note: Page numbers are all referenced to the PHB unless stated otherwise]

Languages, Modern: Common/Anglyn/Hobbit 100% (d10) pg.317, Species LV426/Dimension-Demon/Gagwaller 58%, Elfæ/Elven/Fæ 43%, and Catalunya Slang/Ibian Colloquial Dialect 45%;
Social Interaction: Graceful Entrance or Exit 64% (d6) pg.334, Social Etiquette 67% (d6) pg.335, Rousing Speech 58% (d6) pg.335, Resist Persuasion 94% (d8) pg.335, and Threatning Gesture 58% (d8) pg.335;

General: First Aid Skill Suite 60% (d6) pg.324, Healing 52% (d4) pg.325, Culinary Arts 54% (d10) pg.314, Cooking 63% (d12) pg.323, Riding – Land Based 50% (d8) pg.328, Mapless Travel 61% (d8) pg.327, Rope Use 45% (d8) pg.329, and Fishing 55% (d10) pg.324;

Academic: Heraldry 56% (d6) pg.316, Religion: General 67% (d12) pg.316, Religion: Luvia 22% (d8) pg.316 and Spirit Lore 26% (d8) pg.54 of Wizard’Book, S.S.G.), and Reading/Writing (Ibian) 49% (d6) pg.328; Arcane: Divine Lore 27% (d6) pg.313;

Combat: Angolo Battlecry 77% (d6) pg.319, Eye of the Tiger Advantage 60% (d6) pg.319, Trip Attack 50% (d8) pg.52 [Warrior’Bk C.G.], Disarm 68% (d8) pg.50 [Warrior’Bk C.G.], Pugilism 66% (d6) pg.320, and Karate-Kid Crane Mr.Miagi Maneouvre[/i] 40% (d4) pg.319;
Weapon Proficiencies: Crossbows {Expertise}, and Long Swords {Expertise};

The Number of Priest-Spells Guifré can memorize and cast per day: Level I (1 per day);
Clerical-Schools of Magick known to Guifré: Abjuration, Divination, and Necromantic;
Priest Magick Spells: Awaken, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magick, Diagnose Injury, Know Direction, Protection from Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, and Walking Corpse;

Saving Throws. vs.Paralyzation, Poison & Death (Magick): 8; vs.Rods, Staves & Wands: 10; vs.Petrification, Frenzy, Blood-lust, & Polymorph: 9; vs.Breath Weapon: 10; Apology: 13; vs.Spells: 11;

Possessions: Half Plate Mail + 1, Regular Shield (emblazoned with the Fortez family crest (the Byrns Clan), mixed with the Lynt heraldric symbol); ‘Sunblade’ Longsword + 2 (+ 4 vs.Undead& Extra-planar creatures), Crossbow + 1, (40 Bolts + 1, Dagger of Hindsight + 4; Magick Potions: Healing {Ten Doses}, Never-Empty Flask of Holy Healing; 325 Sceattæ (G.p. gold-pennies ), 82 Groats/Farthings (C.p.), 33 Crowns (H.S.P.), 20 Sovereigns (P.P.); (20) Gems (Unidentified); Grappling Hook, 50’ Silk-Rope, Iron-Rations, Rice, Large Saddle-Bags, Cooking and Fishing Equipment.

Signature Mount: Seraphim (Wildermare) been with Guifré for years now, the faithful Shirkmare Seraphim (H.o.B. V, p.115)

Faithful Squire: “The Green Man” (Lv. IV Knight) First beginnings of a following. Sir Verthane arrived early to Guifré’s banner, bring with him scholars, minstrels, and more valiant fighting-men, rallying to the banner of Byrns, La Fortesa.

Note: I am aware that the standard rules don’t grant Paladins spell-casting abilities until 9th Level, but, seeing as I am easy-going about ALignment shift and Honour penalties (in the cleric and paladin ‘force alignment audit’ and ‘trial’ abilities are effectively taken from the paladin, I decided to give him spell-powers a level early. It’s not the end of the world.

Family History: Hailing from a family in good-honour, Guifé’s folks were married when he was born, however, Guifré was abandoned, orphaned. Fortunately he discovered a new-found family, adfilate-adoption, that of the family Forez, Foriesa – Kalaf. His adopted step-parents were of high social status, but could not concieve a child, hence why they sought, then found, an orphan-boy of blue-chip stock, good breeding. The Lynt-Byrns Union was born. Guifré attended the Elite Royal Military Academy of Wyvern-Barracks, the West-County. While there, he suffered a long forced march, in extreme heat, as a result, he acquired the dehydration quirk (see above). Guifré’s foster parents at Fortez have retraced Guifré’s ancestry while he was away at military-school. Seemingly he is the second-to-last born of the Byrns Clan family dynasty, one of four siblings, he has a legitimate claim for both the Lynt-line nation of La Fortesa, and the Byrns-family dynasty – though he is fifth in line for that, not first, as in Fortez, Byrns.



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