Snuggle Nook

Millenia Falcon

Space Jam’ campaign update!

With the fifty-thousand sceattæ (G.p.) Ezekiel garnered from his days adventuring, the monk from Chi-Kung donated the nest-egg he had accrued unto his monastry, where he may gain further training. Seeing the political situation unfold on Tadisaga, the monks of a higher-order contacted their superiors on the homeworld of imperial Celestine – Wujan (the seventh planet in the Celestial solar system: two jumps from Tadisagan homeworld, via Gronar ) the hierarchy decide to sponsor Ezekiel by furnishing him and his new companions with a spaceship of their own, in a quest to find the gnomeworld of Gildenod, located somewhere between the halfling homeworld and dwarvenrock, found on the far-reaching fringes of Wildspace, the outer rim. Their quest is to relay a message from the exiled gnome mercenary sergeant Old Joe. The non-commisioned officer, who refused to train as a soldier (though it be obligatory for every warrior apart from barbarians and berserkers!) who formed his own army of mercenaries, and founded G.I. Home – the training hub of Gærdal-Titans (gnome titans who did not bow to Pangrus, nor any authority, for Gærdal Titans are rebellious by nature and hardly ever do as they are ordered!) This proved to be the downfall of Old Joe, as his troops were cut of the same cloth as he, insubordination was rife, the organisation was utterly divided. Even their enemies, the gnome-titans of Pangellia-Garagorn seemed to have a military discipline, though they too be wild and untamed. Alas, a long drawn out war ensued. Peace came about only after intervention from Regino-Finniga, who now dominate the face of Tadisaga…

The gods however, saw Old Joe’s cause as just. Though the litiguous soldier could not achieve harmony amongst all gnome-kin, his cause was supported by the dwarven kingdom and indeed the old gods of Færun, the Fading Realms…

As a result, even the gods fear the fate of Snuggle Nook as the Regino-Finniga/Pangellian-Garagorn axis have achieved supremacy over all of Tadisaga. Their conquest is complete, the world is dominated by their legacy. They are even supported by the new gods of Zeleria, the circle of Dragons and the Magus Imperivm: who all share the common goal of not having any space-jamming on or near Tadisaga. Even so, the fate of the Universe hangs in the balance. It is up to these three, those that form a new fellowship.

Finding himself in the company of Alfar the grey-elven battle-mage and Loftbruk the barbarian from Dænor, they inspect their new Space-Jamming vessel the Millenia Falcon.

(The stats for the spaceship are found on pages 21-22 of H.Jammer).

In addition to its normal outfitting, the Millenia Falcon has these additional fittings:

• A Type I minor space-jamming helm. • A planetary locator. • A Hold of Holding (a.k.a. Meat Locker) capacity: 60 human-sized creatures. • The Plank. • Lantern of Continual Light.

All the hardpoints are so far free (keel, rudder, sail, anchor and figurehead) and the craft has three weapons currently armed.

So, until one quarter of the turning monath will this fateful quest begin. Let us wait and see, what the the future brings…



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