Snuggle Nook

Pub Con Primer

Beyond the Misty Mountains, the Gnomish nations renew hostilities, a spring offensive. Zemiah “The Messiah” Pangelli and Garag Tog lead their armies onto glory. Descending on the helpless Hobbits of Berenshire and sweeping through the once peaceful hillside, the army marches forth, devastating weaker nations in its wake.

From the south, the army joins forces with elements of the infamous McFinnigan racket, which surround the once proud country of Gaerdal Ironhand’s Home. Josef and Matahar escape the assassination attempt, and are now exiled in the Kingdom of Calaf.

With the Daemon-King undefeated in the East, Seamus recalls his army to aid his allies of Pangellia, in the war that threatens to destroy the Faerie Forest, ravage the Pixie Plain, and bring Gaerdal Ironhand’s home to an end.

The guardians of balance, the gods of Krynn do not look favourably upon the cataclysmic events which shake the world of Tadisaga. A new fellowship is formed from beyond the stars, Snuggle-Nook’s last desperate hope to save the shires from destruction, and falling under the yoke of oppression. This group of unlikely heroes are made up of strange alien cultures from the cosmos.

A dracon, giff, lizardman, orc, apeman, aardvarkian, darkman, grunge-elf, half-orc and ogre are Tadisaga’s only hope for survival. Aboard the Freebooter Falcon they head unwittingly towards Snuggle-Nook. Their quest is to foil a royal regicide about to take place at the court of Reginauld. As Seamus’ ship the Santa Maria IV speeds back to commit the heinous act of assassination, these newcomers are charged with foiling the insidious plot to oust the Faerie-Queen. If this event can be stopped, before the next full-moon, then the grisly fate of the world may be avoided…



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