Snuggle Nook


Grift-meister’s campaign log. Snuggle-Nook. 18th of July 2012.

Valraven Yumi The Human Monk, “Hannibal” the Giff Berserker, (both level one) and Anorpheus Voltaire (played by ‘Dougy’, Maxen’s usual character: level two) went into the Faerie Forest towards the Earth-Daemon, which looked like The Thing from the Fantastic Five, only much more Gargantuan. Alas, the Thing moved-in, missing Hannibal by miles. The Berserker nutted him with a head-but, no effect. The magick Battle-Axe+2 that Hannibal had hacked a chunk out of the Earth-Deamon. Anorpheus played his lyre, calming the posse. Valraven moved in with the magick Long-Sword+1, 4 vs. Deamons taking another bite out of the magickally animated Earth-Creature. Valraven fumbled badly, attacking Hannibal but missing narrowly. The Earth-Daemon cained Anorpheus for some, knocking the maestro backwards. Hannibal waded in there with his Battle-Axe2, and after repeated exchanges, the Giff Berserker put the giant elemental down.

Meanwhile Anorpheus had evaded the foray and scrambled through the thorns towards the elementalist, the controller. After singing a song of gentleness and peace, he bade the wizard to leave the Daemon-Kings service and join these freelance adventurers. After smoking some sweet leaf, some hobbit pipe-weed together, the two chilled out, on the flex, in some other dimension.

Pressing on the trio came to a steep embankment, a ravine that ran for miles in either direction. North and south. Valraven spotted a bridge in the distance, it was guarded by a knot of knights, astride barding-clad warhorses. The summoner and bard took off at this point. The knights asked the remaining two heroes a riddle, the guys failed to answer correctly, Hannibal reached for his axe, Valraven began to meditate, but in a flash they were whisked away to another dimension, or was it a dream? Along a river-boat somewhere amongst the stars, within the Cosmos, the Rock.

MVP: Hannibal
Valraven levelled-up to level two monk.




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