Snuggle Nook


Grift-Meister’s Game-Log for a short session, Thorsday the 12th of June, 2012 Common Era

    The Posse.

Valraven Yumi (Human Monk from Chi-Kung)
Reaper (Dracon Fighter from outer space)

The hobbit Maxen sat nestled beneath the earth-mound that was his hobbit-hole, snug away in a nook, cranny, underneath the soil, smoking awhile, having a little tipple. The fire had gone out, and the home began to get cold, the rain came down the chimney, extinguishing the once bright hearth. He peered down upon the leaves in his tea-cup, only to scry a scene, of a dracon warrior and a monk from Chi-Kung, strolling about the city of Orphalese. This city-scene was only in their dreams, and they soon woke, to the silence of the wood. Having slept under a canopy of trees within the heart of the forest: Murkwood.

They awoke and gave the order to march towards the village the scouts had spotted a day earlier. The dracon and monk moved swiftly, up ahead with the scouts to investigate the wooded hamlet. Upon arrival at the tree-top village, they came upon a gruesome scene of dead wood-elves, strewn about the place, carved up like Sunday lunch. Reaper the dracon decided to investigate the stone statue of the elves, he narrowly avoided a poisoned-dagger trap which clicked and sprung-out towards him.

The posse moved on, passing by a stagnant pool above which flew a cloud of hovering insects. Floating about the pool was a wooden box sticking through the weeds. Reaper decided to wade into the pool to retrieve the crate. The dracon was bitten by dozens of insects as he waded knee-deep in the muddy pool. After discovering that the crate was full of useless bones, Reaper the dracon began to feel dizzy. Sitting down beside the waters edge, his temperature rose and he was trembling with fever. The mozzy bites meant he had contracted a virulent form of malaria. He failed his saving throw, had to purge his honour and use a mulligan (a fate-point) to re-roll. He made his second throw, thus didn’t die. He was in the ‘Great Honour’ window, so didn’t lose all his equipment.

(Note: Maxen’s house rule, all players are permitted one fate-point per session, but unless your character has Great Honour, they have some grizzly fate befall them. Usually just losing all the equipment they have on them suffices.)

Anyway. The Posse came to a wide clearing in the forest. At the centre of which was a large boulder splattered with dried blood. They decided to wait awhile, to allow Reaper to recover from his bout of malaria. Half an hour later, they saw some figures walk into the clearing. Two dwarves had their hands in fetters, and were bound by a pole at the neck, being pushed towards the centre stone by a group of hobgoblins. One of the dwarves is cut free and was forced to his knees; his head was being pushed down on to the boulder as another hobgoblin began to size up the dwarf’s neck with an executioner’s axe. With only ten warriors, the two protagonists interruped the execution.

An arrow flew true from Reaper’s longbow, striking the axe-wielding hobgoblin in the chest, making him falter. The troops charged in, surprising their opponents. One scored a critical hit, downing a hobgoblin, another fumbled badly, losing his footing, some of the others scored hits, wounding their foes. Valraven ran away (of the ten quirks he has, one of them is multiple-personality disorder: coward.)

The hobgoblins fought back, taking chunks out of the warriors. It wasn’t long before Valraven was paralysed by the Amber Guard, and the eleven archers cut down the dozen or so remaining hobgoblins. The dwarves were saved and joined the ranks of the army, and the Posse continued down the trail, but not after discovering a war-banner, secreted away by the dwarves. The white standard sported a red-dragon within a golden circle. Adopting it as the army’s sigil, the two hundred or so strong battalion marched onwards.

The two protagonists came across some clay statues of women, they decided to ignore them and press on.

After a walking through the undergrowth, they came to a large glen. The ground began to tremble, an earth-daemon appeared, clearing the treetops. Reaper fired his bow: no effect. The ten warrior-scouts closed in, their weapons doing no damage to the elemental-spirit. Valraven ran away again, refusing to let go of the magick sword he had found (the only thing that could affect the earth-daemon). Valraven ran away again. This meant all ten men were massacred, and the session came to an end.



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