Snuggle Nook

Space Jammer

Name: Jay II (Jay junior)
Player: (“Paco-Jay Meadri”)

Character: Aardvarkian Space-Pirate (thief variant)
Title: Marauder (level 6)
Class: Lower-Upper Class
Gender: Male Age: 26 Height: 2’ 9" Weight: 75lbs

Quirks: Loud Boor, Nagging Conscience, Excessive Drooling, Afraid of the Dark, and Near Sighted (-2 penalty to hit with ranged attacks at medium range, -4 at long range).

Hit Points: 46

Move: 12

Cultural Special Abilities: +2 to hit insects, Burrowing, Foreclaw attack (D4 damage, weapon speed -2 bonus), Ambush (Underground 4/10 chance).

Adventuring Career (Occupation) Special Abilities: +2 AC while onboard a ship (also applies to ‘reflex’ saving throws) and can hold a naked blade of Small size in his mouth while climbing the rigging or swinging on ropes (he does not roll to see if he accidentally hurts himself, unless he falls);

Skill suites: Acrobatics, Navigator (33%), Sailor (99%), Shipwright (66%) and First-Aid (73%)

Skills: Nautical navigation, Climb Walls (66% base) [+40% when climbing on board a ship e.g. rigging, et cetera, Tightrope walking, Weather sense, Swim: Doggie Paddle, Swim, Bargain Sense, Begging (84%), Disguise (87%), Glean Information (84%), Observe (85%), Brawling (81%), Jugular Swipe (87%), Endurance (86%), Fishing (87%), Mining (84%), Rousing Speech (85%) and Rope Use (82%); Slip Away Into Shadows (99%), Stealthy Movement (84%), Backstab, Open Locks (71%), Trailing, Escape Bonds; Contemporary Languages: Common (99%) and Aardvarkian-Molemen (100%) (dialect of Underdark-Undercommon)

The helmsman fell asleep at the wheel, our spaceship the Millenia Falcon drifted lazily along, the crew oblivious to her straight heading. Occasionally she drifted into the eddie of a gravity well, at the whims of eliptical orbits, the Falcon was at the mercy of the Universe.

Alerted to the report sounding on the scanner, a giant furry space-hamster crewman tried in vein to wake Alfar the pilot, to no avail. The grey-elf was sound asleep, their was no waking him without injury. Sirens sounded in a crescendo cacophony of bleeps and flashes as the imminent collision warning went wild.

Meanwhile, Valraven Yami practiced his martial arts in the secret holo-suit, oblivious to what was happening elsewhere in the ship. Jay Junior clambered about the rigging, the ringing of the alarms he could hear, but he could not see where he was going. Feeling the Falcon lurch to the left, list and plummet planet-side, he descended the sails and braced for impact. Valraven finally tore himself away from the virtual training chamber, but by then it was took late. Crunch! The ship landed hard, a rough landing, taking substantial damage before being plunged onto this new, untamed, unknown new world.

Having crash landed on an unknown planet: “New Hope” it is not known how precious few crew survived the crash. A giant furry space hamster dusts himself off, emerging from beneath the wreckage. After regaining his senses he notices movement: it’s Ar-Two, the droid. His antennæ span and whirled about to a cacophony of bleeping sounds. In a flash, light showed the hamster a holographic image of the twin-ship, the second Falcon. She’d lost her tethering cord and crash landed elsewhere on the planet, on a small beach several clicks from here. Three-peoh rounded the corner, “I can use Ar-Two’s navicom to find out where we are, and how to get to the lost ship.” It soon became apparent that the Millenia Falcon had touched down in a forested area, the air was stiflingly hot, humid. Though the air was breathable the gravity was slightly higher than so back on Tadisaga, it would take the hamster time to get used to it. The trio took up the trail, wandering through the warm woodland that lay betwixt lacterian lands and monkeyn.

To be continued…



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