Grey Elf Battle-Mage


Name: Alfar (Grey Elf) ; Homeland: Fæ-forest, Elfmoon
Social-Class: Middle ; Gender: Male ; Age: 127
Weight: 98 lbs ; Height: 5’ 4" ; Handedness: Ambidextrous
Alignment: Neutral [Indifferent] ; Occupation: Battle-Mage ; Level: 1
Title: Second

HIT POINTS: 5/22 ; Armour Class: 10 (Unarmoured)

Strength: 15 (44%)
Dexterity: 12 (55%)
Constitution: 16 (6%)
Intellect: 16 (44%)
Widsom: 8 (96%)
Charisma: 4 (45%)
Beauty: 13 (92%)
Honour: 5 (D1)

Special Abilities:
Photographic Memory, Magic Identification, Elfæ Spell Abilities
Dispel Magic, Voiceless Casting, Still Casting, Blind Casting
Infravision (60’)
Resistance to Sleep/Charm spells (90%)
Elfæ weapon bonus (bows/blades)
Elfæ Surprize (Opponents suffer a – 4 to surprizing Alfar)
Detect Secret Doors (1 on a D6)

Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff

Arcane Lore (19%)
Alchemy (19%)
Botany (20%)
Languages, Modern: Elfæn (99%) ; Anglyn/Hobbit (98%) ; [more yet to choose]
Skills (Elfæ culture, family trade: Low-level wizards, middle class)
Carpentry (50%)
Space-Jamming (19%) Arcane Skill
Spaceship Weapon Loading (18%) General Skill [Sophisticated]
Spacemanship (17%) General

Anosmia, Flatulent, Lisp, Balding, Nervous Tic, Sound Sleeper, Narcoleptic, Trick Knees [both], Claustrophobic, Kleptomaniac, Pyromaniac, Sadistic, Obnoxious, Socially Awkward, Reclusive, Multiple Personality disorder [thinks he’s a wood-elf] and Self-absorbed

Saving Throws:
Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic: 14

Rods/Staves/Wands: 11

Petrification/Polymorph/Frenzy/Bloodlust: 13

Breath Weapon: 15

Spells: 12

Apology: 17

Sceattæ [G.p.]: 527
Book of Infinate Spells (35 pages)
Quaterstaff of Færie Slaying + 2
Elven Chainmail of Astral Projection
Deeds to tract of woodland on Elfmoon, in Pan-Elf Union space, orbiting Tadisaga.


Alfar had a hard lot in life. His younger brother died when he was young in mysterious circumstances, he was beaten by his older brother (by thirteen minutes – twins) and his parents ill-treated Alfar, giving him many personality and mental quirks from an early age.

In his college years he fell in with Bohemians, and whilst studyig at the Unseen University, Alfar had a harsh master, whose further punishment meant he gained even more personality and mental quirks. He even lost an ear in the process. Lashing out, Alfar’s kleptomania got the better of him, and he stole one of his masters’ spell-books unscrupulously.

However, he did gain many skills (not yet applied to character sheet) and boons whilst at University, and passed out with distinction.

[This character was rolled up using the HackMaster PHB, Spellslingers Guide and hmtk software].


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