Monk from Nippon, in the eastern orient: Al'Qara-Tur


STRENGTH: 14 (36%)
DEXTERITY: 15 (52%)
WISDOM: 15 (42%)
CHARISMA: 4 (24%)
Beauty: 13 (48%)
Honour: 15 {Honour Dice: D3}

Occupation: Monk
Title: Brother of Mysteries
Level: 5th
Alignment: Lawful-Neutral
Age: 24 years
Height: 5’7"
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Hit-Points: 52
Armour Class: 3 (without DEX bonus)
THAC0: 18?
Special Abilities: Grace Under Pressure, Opportunist, Acute Alertness, Lucky {on a D20}; Additional damage {+3}, Terror Resistance {22%}, Protection from Missiles, Self-Healing {D6 once per day}, Pass Without Trace {at a ΒΌ usual rate = 3"}, Oriental Weapons Bonus, Improvised Weapons Bonus
Weapon Proficiencies: Nunchuks, Pole-Arm, Sai, Eastern Fan, and No-Dachi
Skills: Calligraphy (47%), Read/Write {Nipponese} (75%), Tea Ceremony (35%), Weapon & Armour Maintenance.

Martial Arts Styles: Fung-Chi (40%) and Bilodo (33%)
Martial Arts Manoeuvres: Feint (104%) et cetera {lots to type in yet…}


Demeanour: Angry
Quirks: Glutton, Nagging Conscience, Hates Knights, Accident Prone, Sound Sleeper, Narcoleptic, Socially Awkward, Flatulent and suffers from Temper Tantrums.
Homeland: Nippon, on the continent of Al’Qara-Tur, to the East of Snuggle-Nook.


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