Jay Junior

Aardvarkian Space-Pirate (rogue)


Name: Jay II (Jay junior)
Player: (“Paco-Jay Meadri”)

Character: Aardvarkian Space-Pirate (thief variant)
Title: Marauder (level 6)
Class: Lower-Upper Class
Gender: Male Age: 26 Height: 2’ 9" Weight: 75lbs

Quirks: Loud Boor, Nagging Conscience, Excessive Drooling, Afraid of the Dark, and Near Sighted (-2 penalty to hit with ranged attacks at medium range, -4 at long range).

Hit Points: 46

Move: 12

Cultural Special Abilities: +2 to hit insects, Burrowing, Foreclaw attack (D4 damage, weapon speed -2 bonus), Ambush (Underground 4/10 chance).

Adventuring Career (Occupation) Special Abilities: +2 AC while onboard a ship (also applies to ‘reflex’ saving throws) and can hold a naked blade of Small size in his mouth while climbing the rigging or swinging on ropes (he does not roll to see if he accidentally hurts himself, unless he falls);

Skill suites: Acrobatics, Navigator (33%), Sailor (99%), Shipwright (66%) and First-Aid (73%)

Skills: Nautical navigation, Climb Walls (66% base) [+40% when climbing on board a ship e.g. rigging, et cetera, Tightrope walking, Weather sense, Swim: Doggie Paddle, Swim, Bargain Sense, Begging (84%), Disguise (87%), Glean Information (84%), Observe (85%), Brawling (81%), Jugular Swipe (87%), Endurance (86%), Fishing (87%), Mining (84%), Rousing Speech (85%) and Rope Use (82%); Slip Away Into Shadows (99%), Stealthy Movement (84%), Backstab, Open Locks (71%), Trailing, Escape Bonds; Contemporary Languages: Common (99%) and Aardvarkian-Molemen (100%) (dialect of Underdark-Undercommon)


Jay Junior

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