Barbarian, Elfæ (Elvariel)


Name: Loftbruk (Human) ; Homeland: Dænor, Tadisaga
Social-Class: Upper-Middle ; Gender: Male ; Age: 17
Weight: 171 lbs ; Height: 6’ ; Handedness: Left
Alignment: Neutral-Good ; Occupation: Barbarian ; Level: 1

HIT POINTS: 38/38 ; Armour Class: 6 (Unarmoured)

Strength: 15 (11%)
Dexterity: 15 (65%)
Constitution: 17 (59%)
Intellect: 15 (4%)
Widsom: 9 (8%)
Charisma: 9 (32%)
Beauty: 14 (35%)
Honour: 17 (Great Honour) Dice: D4

Special Abilities:
Exp.Bonus, Less Sleep, Photographic Memory
Lucky, Crit’ Bonus
Back Protection (5%)
Detect Illusion (5%)
Hide in natural surroundings (20%)
Barbarian Tracking (16%)
Climb cliffs and trees (72%)
A.C. Bonus of double DEX
Movement Rate: 15
Barbarian Surprize (5/10 chance, 6/10 in mountains) Can only be surprizes 10% of the time, 5% of the time in mountains
Wilderness Survival (hunting, small animal trapping, food gathering, build basher, fire starting, etc.)
Barbarian First Aid (immediately gain 1 HP, thereafter 2 HP/day) ; Cure Poison (10% + victims CON)
Outdoor Craft (animal detection as Lv.3 druid ; predict weather as Lv.3 druid spell)
Animal Handling, Horsemanship, Long distance signaling, Running (at twice movement rate), small rowing craft + paddling craft, Sound mimicry, Snare building, Mountain (native territory bonuses) and saving throw bonuses (already applied)

Weapon Proficiencies: Hand-Axe, Spear
Weapon Specialisation: Halberd
Advanced Two-Handed Fighting

Arcane Lore (31%)
Art of Beating (20%)
Attitude Adustment (22%)
Blacksmithing Tool-use (20%)
Call Dibs (15%)
Clever Packer (19%)
Construct Hasty Defences (23%)
First Aid Suite (23%) [Cauterise Wound, Sew Wounds, etc.]
Jugular Swipe (21%)
Languages, Modern: Dænor (99%) ; Anglyn/Hobbit (96%) ; Ecossæ (28%) ; Avalonian (22%)
Muster Resolve (30%)
Resist Persuasion (22%)
Weapon Maintenance (N/A)
Weather Sense (20%)
Skills (Dænor culture, family trade: Galactic merchants, upper-middle class)
Map Sense (50%)
Cartography: Astonomical (18%) General Skill [Sophisticated]
Cosmonography Cartography: Orbital (29%) General
Navigation: Celestial (19%) General
Navigation: Phlogiston (20%) General
Planetology (20%) Academia
Semaphore [spaceship signaling] (21%) Language
Shipwright, Space-Jamming (17%) General
Spacemanship (18%) General

Nervous Tic, Depression (minor), Nagging Conscience, Frenzy, Psychotic Aversion to thieves, Sadistic and Reclusive (values privacy) ; Distrustful of spell-casters [Barbarian quirk]

Saving Throws:
Paralyzation: 12
Poison: 11
Death Magic: 12

Rods/Staves/Wands: 15

Petrification/Polymorph: 13
Frenzy/Bloodlust: 16

Breath Weapon: 17

Spells: 18

Apology: 18

Sceattæ [G.p.]: 127
Crossbow of Accuracy + 3
Shield of Missile Deflection + 1/+ 4
Halberd + 1

Notes: Loftbruk was transformed into an Elfæ during some time spent in a dimension demon metamorphasis machine.


Loftbruk hails from an upper-middle class Dænor family of inter-stellar merchants of Tadisaga. He is the second born and has only one brother, a twin, older than him (by thirteen minutes). His mother is alive and was a loving parent, Loftbruk’s father sadly died before he was born, and his step-father was ill-equipped to deal with his upbringing.

Loftbruk has the title deed to the family estate, and has inherited his fathers’ crossbow, shield and halberd.

[This character was rolled up using the Hack-Master PHB and hmtk software].


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