Half-elf Ranger


Player: “Old-school”…
Character: Tamburlaine
Culture & Career: Half-elf [forest] Ranger (half wood-elf)
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Religion: Kerygma Ekklesia

Strength: 13 (79%)
Dexterity: 13 (40%)
Constitution: 15 (30%) [only flaw adjust factored in so far]
Intellect: 8 (67%)
Wisdom: 17 (26%)
Charisma: 3 (78%)

Beauty: 14 (34%) [all stats bar one are prior to flaw adjustments]
Honour: ?

Quirks: Hallucinogenic Flashbacks, Misguided, Nicotine Addiction, Alcoholism, Depression & Delusional [both minor], Agoraphobia, Paranoid and Trick Knee.

Flashbacks (Warriors Book, pp.28-29): Should Tamburlaine see an illusion and successfully disbelieve, the flashback is triggered. [note: his Wisdom score…]

Nicotine Addiction (Annihilate the Giants [adventure], p.95)

Alcoholic (P.H.B. p.95), Agoraphobia (ibidem), Delusional – minor (ibidem), Trick Knee (ibidem), Depressed – minor (P.H.B. p.96), Paranoia (P.H.B. p.97), Misguided (P.H.B. p.98).

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous (P.H.B. p.337), Bow Bonus (ibidem), Heat Resistance (P.H.B. p.339), Sword Bonus (P.H.B. p.340), Forest Fighting (Warriors Book, p.57), Juggling (Rogues Book, p.66) [General/Sophisticated Skill, 2 B.P.], Quick Movement (Rogues, p.69) [5 B.P.], Receptive Healer (Priests Book, p.75) [6 B.P.], Thick Blood (ibidem) [5 B.P.], Vigour (ibidem) [9 B.P.], Improved Charge (Combat Skill, p.50 Warriors) [4 B.P.], Military History (Academia, ibidem) [1 B.P.], Armour Repair, Basic (General/Sophisticated, p.49 Warriors) [3 B.P.], Muster Resolve (Combat, p.320 P.H.B.) [8 B.P.], Swim: Doggie Paddle (General, p.331 P.H.B.) [1 B.P], Tumbling (General/Sophisticated, p.332 P.H.B.) [2 B.P.], Tracking (ibidem) [2 B.P.], Riding, Land-based (p.328) [1 B.P.], Rules of Fair Play (p.335) [1 B.P.], Identify Animal By Tracks (p.326) [1 B.P.], History, Local [Cogden] (Academia, p.315) [1 B.P.], Reading/Writing [Common] (p.328) [2 B.P.], Artistic Ability (Artisan, p.320) [1 B.P.], Ancient History (Academia, p.313) [1 B.P.], Animal Lore (Academia, p.313) [2 B.P.], Astrology (Academia, p.314) [1 B.P.], First Aid Skill Suite (p.324) [5 B.P.], Gersee, Trail Markers (Language, p.317) [2 B.P.], Heraldry (Academia, p.315) [1 B.P.], Jumping (p.326) [1 B.P.], Pugilism (Combat) Brawler & Eye Gouge

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbow specialisation, Longsword proficiency.

[0 Build Points remaining, to spend]



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