Wynn Llan

Half-elf Mystic


[System: AD&D 2nd edition – just the PHB, DMG & MM]

Cyborg’s Celtica Campaign

Player: Maxen
Character: Wynn Llan
Culture & Career: Half [wood]-elf mage/priest [of Dagda]
Alignment: Neutral-Good

STR 14
DEX 15
CON 15
INT 18
WIS 17
CHA 13

Hit-Points: 6

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 123 lbs
Age: 21
Sex: Male

Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff, Sling (including Staff-Sling)

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Speak Modern Language (Common/Keltoi), Read/Write (Elven), Religion (Tu’ Atha’de Dannan – Keltoi), Spell-casting (Magus), Spell-craft (Magus), Ancient Languages (Latium), Herbalism

Equipment: Spell Book, Iron Spell-Book case with complex lock, key, spare-key, Scroll-Case, Quills (10), Ink (10 fluid ounces), Chalk, Cooking Pot, Flint & Tinder-box, Wineskin (full with a quart of vino russo), Backpack, Large Belt-pouch, Elven Sashling (Staff, Sling, 100 sling-bullets, Priest’s vestments (alabaster), mage robe (plush purple with an amber trim)


Wynn Llan

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