Snuggle Nook

Underground Home-Grown Crew
First year Snuggle-Nook Campaign (2009)

What has happened in our roleplaying session (we’re playing HackMaster). It’s the old-school Underground Home-Grown House Crew. Kickin’ ass’ in town, Knight’s of the Dinner Table stylee!

Game Masters Campaign Log, started in June 2009.

By Grift-Meister Maxen the Anglo-Saxon

To start with only a motley crew of three adventurers (Shaemus O’Finnigan – a Leprechaun Mage/Thief, Shaelf Chaffson – a female Grey Elf Wizard, and finally Silchas Anasurimbor – a Wood-Elven Druid) became lost in the wilderness of the Hell’s Throat pass, deep within the slopes of the Praxter mountain range. After following the advice of a blind pilgrim, the trio were half-starved and sick from exposure as they reached the outskirts of Frandor’s Keep. Enlisting the help of two Hafling Thugs, they entered the fortress without any real trouble.

Picking a fight with a silver backed gorilla, Silchas managed to use his rapport with the wild to tame the beast. Much to the disappointment of the onlooking crowd, the silver-back was instantly putty in his hands. Then Shaemus O’Finnigan fired a barbed dart into the creature, making him attack Silchas, who, due to quick thinking managed to make the animal play dead. However the reward was not as good as it seemed for the 500 gold piece bounty was mainly made up of counterfeit coins.

Then, after catching the attention of the Keeps commander, they were asked to investigate the temple ruins, three days ride south of here. After loading up with supplies and provisions, the five of them set off southward to discover what lay with the crumbling temple of Pangrus.

After discovering a layer of traps beneath the marshes, the adventurers scouted out the site. Turning himself invisible then flying into a nest of lizardmen, Shaemus robbed them all clean before being discovered by the tell-tale flapping of his wings. In attempt to stave off Shaemus’ imminent death, Silchas cast an entangle spell, snaring almost every one of the male lizardmen above ground and only a couple of the females just beneath the surface of the earth. Shaemus was also entangled, prone and helpless. The enraged lizardmen mothers bit, cut and slashed the Leprechaun within an inch of his life. After biting off a finger, he barley escaped alive. Tossing healing potions around and sending in the scared Halfing Thugs alone, the three just about made it out with their lives. Which is more than can be said for the hired help who haven’t been seen since!

Then after returning to Frandor’s Keep, the party joined forces with Joseph Ironhand (A Gnome Titan Soldier, privateer) and Jane Matahar (seemingly another Gnome Titan, who appeared to be a Cleric of Gaerdal, no-one knows who Jane really is)…

Setting off again, this time with a only a bouncer from a local tavern as protection the group now numbered seven – including Wainright – Joseph’s Gnomeling Titan torch-bearer.

At the encounter in the ruins once more, the group were again overwhelmed by the forces of reptilians. Fleeing for their life, the bouncer became separated from the group.

Meanwhile, the party encountered another Gnome Titan ally in their walk in the wilderness. Garag Tog, a Beserker joined the crew. As Joe relinquished command of the adventuring company to it’s most long standing member – Shaemus O’Finnigan the Pixie-Leprechaun – they stumble across a cave entrance within the folds of a clay cliff-face.

{ ‘Conan’ [running Joe and Jane] leaves for the shire back home}

Obscured by the undergrowth but still visible, the gang made their way into the gloomy darkness. Anyway, after Garag failed to force the door, as did Joe on his first attempt, Joseph Gaerdal Ironhand (a.k.a. G.I. Joe) kicked the entrance to splinters. Stumbling upon the warning of two floating magical mouths, the adventurers ignored the advice about the original owners someday coming back to their home.

Beyond that lay another door down the passageway. Peeking through the key-hole, the party surprised a lone dire-cockroach, feeding on a corpse. The group had no trouble in closing it down within a few rounds. G.I. Joe wasted it with one final stab of his short sword. After a quick search the group found a key that fitted the now broken front door under the welcome mat! Heading up a small flight of stairs the group opened another door.

Beyond lay a scene of gruesome horror as another fool-hardy group of would-be heroes could be seen decomposing after failing to fight off an Orc attack. Once again ignoring the advice of the magic mouths who retold the account of their demise, however still being cautious, the group took the road less traveled; Silchas stumbled across a secret door in the south-east corner of the complex, after traveling a way into the gloom. Surprising a Scavenger Ogre he headed back out to his compadres warning them of the imminent danger. The party had little trouble dispatching the beast, a few combat rounds and magic missiles later, the guys (and girls) had slain the monster. They cleaned out the room full of treasure then investigated another room.

This seemed to be some old scribes writing desk and just as Shaemus went to try the drawer, Jane Gaerdal Ironhand (a.k.a. G.I. Jane) suddenly realized that it could be a trap. Making three successful thieving skill checks {at only a thirty percent chance each!! Find, remove traps and then a lock-pick} the party thief did the group proud! Then they found a whole host of magical scrolls and a magic wand. They also spied a strange word in Elven written under the desk.

Writing the scrolls into their spell books, Shaemus and Shaelf have their spell power greatly enhanced. The Pixie-Leprechaun learned (Spider Climb, Throw Voice, Blur, Flaming Sphere, Pyrokenesis and White Hot Metal), not bad considering the guy’s a pyromaniac! As for Shaelf Chaffson, she learned (Aura of Innocence, Comprehend Languages, Enlarge, Magic Missile, Phantasamal Force and Push). The group camped and had an uneventful night in the dungeon.

Pushing on they entered an old throne room. Silchas’ keen senses spied a pair of Yakulee jungle snakes coiled around two of the pillars. Using his powers of animal rapport once again he convinced the creatures not to harm them. After cleaning out a worship area and trophy room, finding a broad-sword +1 (normal size) although devoid of any monster activity, the party came across another secret door hidden at the end of a passageway. Finding one of the original owners’ private chambers (Roigean) they soon cleaned out the absent landlords bedroom. Running his hands along the stone walls revealed a small gargoyle, turning it to the left, Shaelf found another secret corridor, this time leading to Roigeans (one of the two the original owners’) mistress’ bedroom. She was cleaned out of any valuables before returning back on the trail.

Heading north through a windy corridor, the home-grown crew appeared in a large antechamber, filled with pools containing various liquids. Shaemus and Silchas went about using their arcane lore skills to discern what magical properties the fluids may contain. After various discoveries such as healing, acid and fresh spring water, they quickly found out which ones to try and which ones weren’t good for you. They even found one with an unlimited supply of the finest Kromian ale. Garag found it to his liking and couldn’t help but quaff three whole pints before shaking off the addictive effects of the magical curse.

Another pool surprised the home-grown crew as an acid monster formed and started to engulf Garag. Shaemus tried to throw oil all over the beast, despite having a massive +4 to hit, throwing into a large pool at short range, he managed to fumble, spilling oil all over himself! Menwhile as the beast tried to eat Garag, fortune favoured him as he plunged a longsword into the thing, corroding it beyond use but putting the acid blob out of action.

They then headed north again, this time disturbing a dozen drunken orcs in an armoury. After a bloody encounter where the monsters could only fight two at a time through the narrow doorway, Garag was sent into a blind rage after suffering a critical hit to his armpit and nearly killed two of his own fellow adventurers trying to heal him! While trying to heal the wounded Gnome Titans, G.I. Jane took one for the team, taking a critical hit to the thigh that killed her outright! Her staff of curing was nearly depleted as the divine stepped in, Baravar acting through the torch-bearer Wainright brought her back to life. (She would have purged her honour to use a fate point but her honour was only 1, i.e. not in the Great Honour window, therefore not allowed a mulligan. A roll on the ‘Divine Intervention’ table coupled with bonuses for her following the tenants of her cloakshadow faith so strongly was the only real way out for her to live, even if it did mean losing a point of Constitution permenantly.) . Shaelf torched the lot of them with a burning hands spell. Shaemus flew above the heads of the Orcses (taking two sword swipes for his trouble) then fired barbed darts into the orcs. As Garag and G.I. Joe fought bravely to stop the inebriated orcs from breaking through the doorway, Shaemus poured oil all over the green-skins from above then lit them up with a fire-finger spell. As the panicked Orcs started to flee G.I. Joe, Garag and Shaelf finished closing most of them down. Only a handful of Orcses survived.

Battered and in need of some healing, the exhausted group make camp back in the water-pool room, after pausing a time to lick their wounds, they’ll be soon ready to quest further into the the caverns of Quesqueton…

Written by Maxen the Anglo-Saxon at 4:45AM Greenwich Mean Time, 2nd of July, 2009.

G.M. Log, entry at 3:45AM GMT, 6th of July, 2009.

After an un-eventful night in the pools, the group decided to investigate the treasure that could be lying around the armoury and barracks areas of the orc encounter. Shaemus found a scorched velvet cloak, ruined beyond repair but with a rose emblazoned brooch still of some value. Among the other things they found were a bearskin and an old canteen.

Heading off, back the way they came – to try and explore some of the passage-ways they may have missed – the home-grown crew stumbled upon a sleeping monster in his bedchamber. Shaemus tried sneaking up to assassinate the Org boss but he awakened at the noise the intruder made. Shaemus fumbled, falling flat on his back and accidentally throwing his weapon nine feet away into the corner of the room, looked as though he was at the mercy of the angry Org. He took a critical hit, his arm would have been off at the shoulder if he hadn’t have used his fate-point mulligan and loose face (90% of all his Honour lost). Garag and the others rushed to his aid when the Org lashed out once more sending the Gnome-Titan Beserker into a wild frenzy! After slaying the enemy leader Garag would not stop his fit of rage. It wasn’t until he had sated his thirst for blood by taking a chunk out of the Druid Silchas Anasurimbor, that he calmed down. Reluctant and cautious to heal him, Jane expended all of her healing spells on him while he was still calm.

After ransacking the room and taking the +1 longsword, +1 mace and +2 medium shield, leaving the baubles, trinkets and other mundane items the seven pressed on. As they rounded the corridors, back to the worship area they came across a captured cleric, who had somehow managed to escape. When the holy man was close he suddenly changed into his true-form: that of a Hecuva! Surprised and knocked for thirteen points of damage, Shaemus was knocked down again after rolling two fumbles in a row! It took a while for the undead fiend to be bested. A team effort of combat, and one of Shaemus’ magic missiles blasted the wailing Hecuva to smithereens. This wasn’t before Garag started to feel the effects of the disease, inflicted by the undead beast, when he managed a lucky hit.

After finding a 100 Platinum, 1000 Electrum pieces, a +2 Gnome-Titan Sword of Battle Sense, and a pair of Bracers of Defence, the crew moved back to the pool room to heal up, then on to another un-explored part of the dungeon.

Entering an ornate drinking-room in the far corridor of the temple, Shaemus inspected a statue of a woman in the center of the room. The second he touched the work of art, it suddenly leapt to life. A Mineral Mimic nearly devoured him as he fought off the apparation. It quite some time and the efforts of all the company to bring it down. Another Magic Missile from Shaemus found it’s mark, he had the honour of getting in the killing blow on the thing.

{Shaemus levelled-up (He’s now a Level 3 Thief and a Level 2 Wizard!) as did Shaelf Chaffson (She’s now a Level 2 Wizard). The home-grown knights of the dinner table call it a week. I’ll keep you all posted. Max-out.}

Latest update (8th of July, 2009)

The ex-group leaders (G.I. Joe & Jane) left the group after their silence spoke volumes. Under new leadership, the group met a Bard from Anglyn (played by yours truly) named Anorpheus Voltaire. Although from Albion, Anorpheus is fluent in the Franconian tounge (and of course their manner of making out), he comes complete with a lute and is only Level 2. I took the “Rover” personality as it is soooo me. Todays session is postponed as Shaemus has horse-riding lessons (in real life!). All the best, roll on next week!

So, where we left off, the group started to break apart, Joe took his fair share of the treasure; then after half-completing the adventure Garag Tog (The Gnome-Titan Beserker) started bragging in the tiled keg tavern about how they were the heroes of Quasqueton. He collared a bard from outside to recount his tale of fortune and glory. Meanwhile, Saemus O’Finnigan decided to set fire to the a random building. We rolled to see which one and it was the very bar they were drinking in! Anyway, it didn’t catch for very long and after a time the home-grown crew had more troubles. It seems that Garags bragging had gotten around the town and another hero – Skraag Tallfellow – was boasting that he was the real hero around here. The crew marched over to the other side of town and Garag threw down the gauntlet, a honour challenge for Skraag, which he gladly accepted.

So, whilst Shaemus turned invisible and stated cleaning out Skraags pockets, Garag rolled a Severity Level 12 Critical hit and severed Skraags leg! After knocking the Half-Orc out, he started jumping up and down on his groin! Then, as Skraag was getting up, he scored ANOTHER critical, this time taking the leg off below the knee. The Half-Orc started to die of blood loss, Silchas the Druid tried to heal him but failed. Then Skraag drew on his reserves of strength, rose up then sent a right cross that knocked Garag sideways! Another left cross, followed by an uppercut sent Garag hurling to the dirt, K.O. Unconcious! It was by the by as he Skraag later died of blood loss! Garag Tog searched his body (found two artifacts, including an intelligent sword “Atticus Noyle”) and pilfered that which Saemus hadn’t already pinched.

Making a quick getaway they met a scroll trader trying to hawk some spells. They were about to let him join the company when Garag went into a blind rage, flatenning the Half-Ogre hawker! Then the crew were in real danger as the two ther Gnome Titans were hard as nails! In a fight that lasted over twenty rounds, they eventually took down the two bodyguards.

I, as Grift-Meister have ruled that several Alignment infraction points towards Chaotic Evil have been issued. Rightly so. I’ll keep you all informed.

Ciao for now,

G.M.Maxx (21st of July, 2009)

The story continues… After making a quick getaway, the pair (Garag Tog the Gnome-Titan Beserker, and Saemus O’Finnigan – the Leprechaun Rogue-Mage) made off with their spoils into the wilderness. The artifacts they had collected were too powerful to be of any use. Garag tributed his intelligent sword to the sect of pangrus, and Saemus threw his into a volcano, in the mountains of Hells Throat. Anyway, the motley crew heard the sound of someone getting robbed in the forest. They stumbled upon a hobbit being taxed by a couple of margoyles. They wasted them in no time, and were about to slay the poor little hobbit until I told them (via the torchbearer Wainright) that he was from the same village. The Gnomeling Titan Wainright met his brother, Forthright, and the home-grown crew inquired as to who was behind the attack. The old Hobbit (Wallo) told them of a tower belonging to a Baron Karnor. (Okay, okay, so I lifted this part of the adventure from an old Thundercats episode called ‘The Tower of Traps’ so sue me!) Anyhow, the group investigated the tower, became seperated as they all fell through a pit trap. Garag found himself in a cage in the top of the tower, unable to break the bars with his beserker strength. Saemus the Leprechaun simply flew up to the top of the tower, while all this was going on. He found a way through to the treasure room, straight away and was filling his pockets with loot! Down at the bottom level, the rest of the crew (namely Wainright, Forthright, Shaelf Chaffson and Zeriah) began trying to ascend the tower. The sticky steps had them defeated (watch aforementioned Thundercats episode for more info!) and they headed downwards instead: the part of the adventure inspired by Conan…

Grift-meister’s Campaign Log III (Written at 1 A.M. on Thorsday the 28th of October, 2009 Anno Dominii).
{Saemus O’Finnigan the Leprechaun Mage/Thief: Level 8/8}
{Berenger the Hobbit Priest of Yollonda, Level 4 }

After splitting off, gowing their various ways, the party gradually reformed, some months later. After journeying to the far off Fernwick Isle to gather at the Pixie-Fairy Meet, Saemus O’Finnigan and his Giant Butterfly steed ‘Swift-Wing’ returned with wings cinged after stopping by White Plume Mountain. He found himself torn between realities on the way back, taking a brief detour to the Elemental Plane of Fire, Sir Robilar’s City of Brass, then shifting through two more dimensions (Banditemp and Snuggle Nook) before returning home to Garweeze Wurld, and the Little Keep on the Borderlands.
Mehnwhile, Berenger – the young Hobbit priest of Yollonda – together with his companion (well, hanger-on) Kyleena the Outlaw, an Elven lady-huntress, went out to the ruined dungeon set in to the hillside of the Frandorian mountain range. The caverns of Quasqueton.

See accompanying documentation found in this Grift-meisters log, for the fates of the other players, not in this campaign any longer. For the moment that is… Please refer to ‘Knights of the Dinner Table’ – Alternate Histories by Maxen the Saxon.

Here our heroes pick up the trail, after several months divided and seperated. A new fellowship emerges, Hobbit, Elf, and Man. Kroon the Human Battlemage, Jeeves the Halfling-Thug and Kryleena the Wood-Elven Outlaw; all accompany Berenger, their leader up to the slopes of the adventure area. Having been washed away by rain and a landslide, the clay would be difficult to negotiate. Upon heeding the advise of Kryleena, foreseeing this contingiency, the party managed to gain access to the dungeon entrance, through a combination of climbing equiptment and ropes.
Spying some movement in the trees, the keen Elven awareness of Kryleena spied someone or something watching them from a clearing behind some thicket. Upon investigating the source of the watcher, they stumbled across an old nag, tied up against a tree. This small pony had been abandoned by the old-school underground home-grown crew (Saemus, Garag and G.I. Joe) some months before. Having rubbed himself against the tree he was tied to this broek-down skinny nag had eaten the contents of his former masters’ saddlebags, and made do on grass and dew-drops for several months now.
Berenger the belenevolent priest of Yollonda (the Hobbit nature-goddess) immediatly offered the husky pony some of his rations. The beast took one bite then couldn’t eat anymore. After untidying the grateful animal, he dubbed him ’Nag’s name’ and fed him some more. Then, once full, the animal wearied so slumped down to sleep there and then. Leaving his own pony (her name Sallope), Berenger bade her too look after her fellow beast of burden. The two should get on alright he thought, what them being about the same age and all. Alas, I am drifiting (it’s 2 A.M. here and I’m having to write this up while it’s fresh in my memory). Anyway! They left the butler Jeeves to guard the ponys and ventured forth, in to the interior of the complex.
The trio started up the slope then Berenger called upon his deity to summon an invisible man-servant. Mumbelling and gesturing the prayer he cast Summon Divine Lackey. Ordering the thing to go on inside the dungeon, ahead of the party. The two customary magick-mouths appeared, issued their pre-primed warning speeches then winked out of exsistence. The doors were smashed open, an ominous wind whistled through the seemingly deserted Keep.
Then the invisible aide told the trio of the scene of devastation ahead. A whole mess of adventurers lay splattered about the place. In amongst them were the Keep’s owners, surrounded by dead debt collectors. Passing this gruesome scene, the party went on about the maze of corridors, coming across the ransacked warehouse. Kryleena then spotted a hidden door, that had admittidly been previously busted open by the original underground home-grown crew. This lead to a cleaned out laboratory and spell-preparation room. After examining the lab’ full of biology pariphinalea, dead magickally-animated crawling claws and pilfered spell-components, the group went next door only to be suprised by an insideous stalker hiding in the chimney. It KO’d the Divine Lackey then Kroon smashed it over the head with some brandy, inebreating the monster enough to free our invisible man-servant. The (now fully healthy) hidden Jaguar, also suprised Kroon, poucing out from it’s hiding place while everybody was distracted by the Stalker. Kroon took two paws in the chest and a snarling maw eating his arm, only just saved his ‘system shock survival’ roll after being critically twice in a row! Taking a massive twenty-six points of damage, the level four Battlemage was down to only one hit-point! He retaliated by knocking the wind out of the cat with his two-handed blade.
Kryleena was not so easily taken off guard, she waded in there with her longsword drawn, taking a chunk out of the big-cat’s chest spraying claret all over the shop. Berenger thew Kroon a potion of extra-healing, the ‘LV4 Battlemage’ only just caught it, gulped down the contents then took another bite from the angry giant-cat, which took him straight back down to a single H.P. again!! Berenger caught a stray paw, cutting deep into his neck narrowly missing an artery (the beast dished out another, third, critical-hit!). Another cut Kryleena, though barley grazing her. She reatliated by trying to take another slice out of the wild, hungry beast. For her attack roll, she rolled a one! Fumble! Her sword clanked off the nearby wall, breaking it in-two. Berenger produced a vial of acid (found on the pony outside) and threw it directly at the cat’s face; critical-hit! The vial failed it’s saving throw, spilling acid everywhere. This set off the little guy’s blood-lust flaw sending him into a crazed frenzy. Acid splashed all over everybody, Kroon barley made his saving throw diving adroitly out of the way, narrowly escaping death a second time! Kryleena wasn’t so lucky having a splash of burning acid corroder her armour!
Seeing the Hobbit foaming at the mouth, the two companions backed away while Berenger made mince-meat of the wounded Jaguar. Looking around to an empty room he chased after his compatriots in a blind-rage, needing to sate his thirsty sword. Soon realizing that he couldn’t catch-up his former companions with his tiny Hobbit legs, he called over his divine lackey for a task. Smashing the invisble guy in the chops with his magickal-mace, he dropped the squire in one foul swoop. Exauhsted and fatuiged wore the enraged Hobbit out eventually.
A curious pair of heads rounded the corner to see the little guy upset, babbelling prayers of forgiveness to the goddess Yollonda in the Hobbit-tounge. After resolving their differences, they set about skinning the big cat of it’s valuable pelt. To the victors, go the spoils. Old Anglyn saying and tradition. Sending the still wounded Kroon to join Jeeves outside, Berenger did what he could to recover his buddy’s wounds.
The remaining pair healed-up and made camp within the walls of the complex. In the morning (after and un-eventful night’s rest) they were greeted by a friendly looking Leprechaun, riding a Giant Butterfly. He introduced himself as Saemus O’Finnigan, curator and custodian of Quasqueton. Offering to lead this band of motley adevturers down to the (as of yet untouched) deeper dungeons. In return for an equal share of the spoils and glory, the pair made an unlikely alliance.
Showing the Hobbit and Elf the way down to the lower-levels, Saemus O’Finnigan, the Leprechaun flew down on Swift-Wing into an already opened trap-door. The dark place led to an icy pool, a natural rock formation. Securing a rope, the other two followed slowly. Berenger decided to go for a swim, have a wash and brush-up on his skill ‘Swimming: Doggie-Paddle’. After drying himself off, the untouchable-trio continued into the gloom, heading East at the T-junction. rounding a corner and going further into the natural cavern system. Rounding corners and walking through windy passageways, the party cam across a spiderweb. The strands were five-feet thick, and inside the cavern lay four giant spiders, all between eight to twelve feet in size. Luckily for our heroes, they were sleeping. As Saemus started casting a scatter-blast fireball, Kryleena followed Berenger around the corner, safley away from the blast.
The spell went off and half-a-dozen balls of fire – each ten feet across – span from Saemuses palms. They went everywhere apart from into the lair, that is apart from the last two which tore firey holes through the spiderweb, torching two of the arachnids instantly. The other two were badly cinged and started towards Saemus. Kryleena rounded the corner, nocking an arrow in her longbow sent forth a sheaf-head right into one of the spiders’ eyes.
The angered arachnids fought back, one climbing swiftly up the cavern wall, then jumping on Saemus, injecting a lethal venom. He failed his saving throw – so had to use his fate-point for this session. Another ran towards Berenger but another arrow flew true from Kryleena’s bow, killing the mythical monster.
Saemus cast a half-a-dozen magic missiles, downing another giant spider. They found several hundred electrum pieces, another couple of hundred silver, and two magick items: namely a scroll of protection from undead and an elixir of health. Saemus quickly went to work with his ‘bone-saw of optimal yields’, quickly extracting twelve poison glands from the dead spiders. Throwing four to Berenger, the party pressed on.
(Brief interruption to our batchelor party by Anna McLaughlin. Admist the untidy living-room, Maxwell used his fascinate ability by picking up his guitar. After wooing the pretty female for no more than a minute, the game resumed…)
Rounding a corner, the party saw the beginning of a light-coloured glow. In front of them stood two dopers, a pair of Californian-style surfers in tye-dye T-shirts, checking out the shimmer-moss casting rays of incandescent light. The two were fixated by the lights’ beauty. Saemus went to pat them down, nicked four ounces of pipe-weed and two gee’s of Elven stardust. In following with his alignment shift (He was Chaotic-Neutral, by now he’s incurred so many infaction points he’s Neutral-Evil) Saemus killed an innocent doper after stealing his stash. Just then something caught the Leprechaun’s eye, the shimmer moss. He failed his saving throw and stood transfixed, sharing the same fate as his late-victim. Berenger ran in to help his Evil comrade, but just then Swift-Wing the Giant Butterfly managed to Dimension Door out of danger, far from the allure of the shimmer moss. Swift Wing nearly couldn’t tear himself away from the moss but managed to get out just in time.
Berenger easily passed his saving-throw and then patted the remaining surf-dude down, stealing two ounces of weed and a futher two gee’s of Elven stardust. He soon left, Kryleena in-tow. Saemus soon re-appeared and the pair started off down another winding passageway, this time heading north. Saemus discovered a pit-trap and then tried to attach a rope to help his buddies across the twelve-foot wide hole. While doing so, several Troglodyte-Lizardmen pushed a boulder down on top of the flying Leprechaun, squashing him flat. The dozen or so reptilians watched the party with caution, Saemus recovered then sent another three magic missiles slamming into the Alpha male. Here the adventure ended for the evening.

Saemus levelled-up to level-nine thief. Berenger advanced to level four priest (Leyman) during the course of this session.

GM Log V (14th of December, 2009)

A lot has happened since I last wrote in the Grift-Meister’s campaign log. In brief, the party made their way out of the cave at Caskayton (now known as the McFinnigan brewery) and down the Slaztek river to the south-side of Snuggle Nook. Journeying into the unknown, the group came to the town of La Paix. There they met up with Osbert Torqen again, the Ogrynn Warrior. He had recently struck a bargain in Tarin, a Hobbit-Trader to guide the young merchant down the Slaztek river to the lost city of Taoteawakhan, where t’was rumoured that the streets were lined with zircons. An eventful journey took several weeks of travelling. Saemus was no-where to be seen, and rumour had it that he had gone back to the brewery to see about his staff and work there. However, as per usual he was invisible, hiding about the tree’s on his giant butterfly steed. Then, from up ahead in the distance came a loud booming sound, the earth shook and woodland trembled. The underground home-grown crew stumbled upon a nest of Mist Giants. Maud and Saemus went about picking the locks of their treasure chest. Princess Reginauld used her Cloak of Elvenkind to become invisible. Osbert used a the magick Cloak of Arachnidia to cast a Web spell, tying up the enemies; anyhow, Osbert transformed himself into the maya of a small Mist-Giant using his magick ring of Chameleon Power – oh and just for the record, the Ogyrnn martial artist had about him a Tridet of Submission aswell as the gauntlets of Wussie-Slapping. The parents of a Mist-Giant child came to investigate him, little-one in tow. While he distracted the huge monsters, Maud cleaned them out but only managed to get one of the two giant treasure chests open. The Web proved ineffective against the parent Mist-Giants who ran back to the camp to see where their treasure had gone. Then the Mist-Giant baby was snagged in the Web spell. Father Giant went back to rescue his son, while Mother Giant went to catch the thieves.
After escaping from that gigantic encounter, the crew (namely Maud, Berenger, Osbert, Saemus and the N.P.C.’s Tarin and Kryleena) made their way down the Slaztek river only to bump into a whole nest of lizardmen, Yuan-Ti and Spirit Naga’s. Osbert cast the Web using his Spider-weave Charm, then clambered on-top of the web – which covered the entire length of the river Slaztek – after that Saemus let-rip with his usual Fireball: Sidewinder (Factor IV) toasting half of the shape-shifting reptilians. The remainder split up and headed towards the party from either side of the riverbank. The young Acolyte (Berenger Baggins, the level-two priest of yollonda) was nowhere to be seen, yet Maud tried to put down some of the encroaching lizardmen with her bow. She missed twice. Osbert was rapidly surrounded by a dozen or so reptilians. Most of them were caught in the Web but a couple dared try to attack the Ogrynn. He dealt with them with ease, taking them out in one or two hits each (dealing over thirty points of damage sometimes, in a single strike!). Again Maud tried to put down some fire with her bow, this time her arrows flew true, hitting the leader in the chest and wounding him. Osbert took some more flack from the surrounding reptilians, trying to climb his magickal spider-Web with little or no success. He swatted them like flies, easy-meat. Maud was overwhelmed and had to retreat further into the jungle. It was all over with one final spell from Saemus, a Magick-Missile striking the lead Spirit Naga Hybrid and killing her.
They – as per usual – cleaned out the place of any treasure then moved swiftly on lest the few survivors go back to the encampment to raise re-enforcements. The group came across a land-slide, Saemus put everyone in his Bag of Tomes then flew across to the other side. Then some strange temporal time-rift happened (i.e. the group didn’t turn up for a couple of sessions!) before the game resumed as per normal. I decided to run an old KotDT comic adventure. {See ‘Knights of the Dinner Table’ issue number 86 ‘Hack of the Clones’ page 7, ‘Narrow Escape’}. The episode with the prophecy, the monkey’s and the sacrifice. Kreatin’s Krawl, retrieving the Lyre of Hound Slaying, etc. In short, the people wanted to kill-off the N.P.C. (I used Kryleena instead of a torch-bearer), and as soon as they realized they couldn’t waste her due to the prophecy and her fate being pivotal to that of the universe, Saemus challenged Berenger to an Honour-Duel. The winner of the contest getting to be the master of the hireling Kryleena. Berenger accepted gladly, putting himself on the line for his faithful henchman. The next week the pair began to slug it out. The little Leprechaun going on-foot sans sorciere and the still-little (though towering over Saemus by a clear foot or so!) stepping up to the plate sans shield and armour! (Which – although honourable, turned out to be a really bad move, LOL!!!) It went down like this: In the first few rounds, neither opponent managed to get the upper-hand. Bombs were exchanged but both Leprechaun and Hobbit alike missed by miles. Saemus even fumbled, as did Berenger. Then wham! Little Mister Baggins landed a right cross on Saemus the Leprechaun, sending the guy spinning about. However, Saemus was quick to reciprocate, launching a devastating barrage of bombs to his face and body. The Hobbit flagged under the assault, then fumbled again! This time he broke his right-fist after a punch went wrong. Saemus easily felled the Hobbit with a combination punch. Berenger didn’t stop their though, he immediately rose to his feet again then began a fresh attack, working the Leprechaun on the head and body. Neither seemed to be gaining any ground whatsoever, nor doing any significant damage either! Then Saemus kept his barrage of bombs going, getting his ‘evil-on’ and b!tch-slapping Berenger once more. Who, by this time had broken both his wrists punching the Leprechaun-dude.
Trying a different tack, Berenger suddenly bundled Saemus, wrestling with him in the dirt. Shouts of “Go on son!” from the N.P.C. crowd as well as whistles of annoyance from others rooting for the party-leader Saemus O’Finnigan. Though Berenger took a slight dent to his honour, bundling the little-guy like that, he had little or no choice, what with him being beaten up so badly and sore. Saemus once again reciprocated by doing some wrestling manoeuvres of his own! Then, breaking off after a few rounds in leg-locks and boston-crabs, Saemus delivered yet another knock-out blow! Berenger was down, a second time! Relinquishing control of his hireling to the better man, the two shook hands and Saemus swiftly tied-up Kryleena for nicking his stuff, made a cage for her and then placed her in his Bag of Many Tomes for later. The evil (yet seemingly innocuous) Leprechaun had won the battle, but not yet the war…
After completing the quest, the underground home-grown crew stumbled across the mouth of a cave, pronounced within the basin of the dormant volcano they camped in. Inside lay a sleeping iron-dragon, not young, not old but somewhat venerable. (Please note that Tarin was ‘the sacrifice’ during the adventure, thus was not here then); Making haste, Berenger Baggins dived head-first into the Bag of Many Tomes! Saemus was silent and invisible, Maud used her Cloak of Elvenkind to disguise herself but failed her Move Silently check. The male Iron-Dragon awoke, seeking out the source of the disturbance. Saemus wasted no time at all by blasting it with as many Scatter-Blast Fireball spells as he could. He even used charges on his Wand of Phantasmal Fireballs to best the beast! Osbert waded in their, taking chunks out of the thing with his magickal giant-sized sword! Maud fired as many arrows as she could into it, they mainly bounced off of his thick dragon-skin hide. Meanwhile, Berenger was using his Summon Divine Lackey spell and also summoning a Dust Devil from inside the sanctuary of the magick Bag of Many Tomes. In between doing this he sat sipping brandy from the decanters within the void-space. Though he could hear the peaceful sound of violins playing classical music, warm by the fireside in the comfy chairs, the Hobbit Priest of yollonda knew that outside this supposed sanctuary all hell was breaking loose. The dragon breathed his breath-weapon, toasting the entire party, nearly killing everybody. Somehow all of the items survived in-tact (in all the excitement I forgot to roll item-saves, I’ll admit this for I am not a computer but only human!). Then, one more blast from Saemuses spell arsenal meant the giant beast slumped down deader than justice for the common man! Popping his head out of the bag (after slipping Kryleena a nail-file!), Berenger checked for the all-clear. Waited for Saemus to land, then stepped back out of the bag. The crew went about taking the treasure horde, finding all manner of things wondrous, valuable and precious. In addition to that, the Bonesaw of Optimal Yields found that each of the pieces of the Iron-Dragon were highly magickal. Saemus ate the brain and invested the dragon’s power into his own (despite the risk of death in doing so!). The others crafted items out of the skin and organs, the underground home-grown crew also stockpiled the dragon’s blood for use in writing scrolls. They even stole the baby dragon’s eggs!!!
After escaping the dragon’s lair, the party made camp and celebrated far from the madding scene of burning devastation – that was the site of the battle. Mead was passed and everyone made-merry. Revelling in the new-found riches that was theirs to have. Meanwhile, Kryleena whispered a ‘sssh’ to the unseen servant in the Bag of Many Tomes who sympathized with the captive outlaw. She quietly filed away the padlock on her cage, keeping a keen eye out for anyone entering the pocket-void.
Then came the flap of wings. A loud ‘whoop whoop whoop!’. Mummy dragon was not happy… She returned to her lair to find her mate slaughtered, her unborn children stolen, along with all their worldly goods. She let out a cry of absolute terror then rose again into the sky, seeking out the party. Mummy-dragon is a ancient green-dragon, she also had her young son in tow. He guarded the remnants of his fathers body within the lair while the venerable matriarch sought out vengeance. She cast a mind-altering spell on Berenger who began to walk towards her. Saemus melded into a tree and dimensionedoor’d the hell out of there. Maud cowered under her Cloak of Elvenkind. Everybody that could, ran for safety. Though, in truth, nowhere was truly safe from the wrath of a vengeful mother dragon. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn…
Then a troupe of Hill Giants entered the cave where the young son was and started to lob rocks at the young dragon, wounding him severely. This bought our ‘heroes’ enough time to escape. Maud ran to Berenger and tried to snap him out of the magickal trance. He was felling a tree with Saemus in with a stray axe! Then the Princess escaped due to some quick thinking: she bundled everybody into the Bag of Many Tomes then saddled-up. The mother-superior dragon bared down on the group, after dispatching the Hill Giants quickly, but Princess Maud Reginauld the Half-Wood Elf B45T4RD child, second in-line to the throne of the Fernwick Isle, was an expert horse-rider. Her equestrian skills managed to just out-manoeuvre the angry green dragon. (Their movement rates were the same, 300 yards every six seconds, so Maud made several successive riding – land based – checks at ‘difficult’ in order to outrun the beast!). Saving the entire party, she bundled everyone into a cave in a narrow mountain pass, after riding through a village, terrifying the populants with a massive green dragon on her ass!
The lady dragon tried to bite chunks out of the cave, the crew tried taunting it some more when it’s mouth was near them. As the giant mother was about to breathe poison-breath once more, they retreated further into the cave complex. There they came across a group of svirblernien gnomish-inventors. They were constructing some sort of airship. Before anyone knew what was happening the beaten-up baby dragon came down the air-hole that was to serve as a launch pad for the airship. Berenger cast White Hot Metal on the fixtures, the ropes, wicker and canvas failed their saving throws and the airship went up like the hindenberg! The baby dragon was engulfed in flames. Maud fired shots into the beast as it flew down to attack the two remaining people. (By this time Saemuses Ring of Quick Escapes had inadvertently been activated thus teleporting him to relative safety.) Gnomes ran for their lives everywhere! Berenger tried to bring down the dragon with a rock from the dungeon floor. It struck home but wasn’t enough to kill the baby beast! Maud let fly another shot but not before the two were engulfed by poison gas breath! Her arrow struck the beast in the heart but it kept on coming, diving and shrieking in a frenzy it slammed into the Half-Elven Princess nearly killing her outright! (She used her ‘fate-point’ or ‘mulligan’ as it’s known, for this session). Anyway, Berenger used another rock this time, it struck the baby-dragon in the eye-socket, killing him outright!
Immediately Maud began to eat the brains. She died as a result. Berenger even used his ‘fate-point’ to try and save her, purging 90% of his honour in doing so. Then she rolled the 85% chance she needed to survive, alas, no! Two fails in a row. She was a goner, bought the farm, outta there, toast. Unlucky Maud. The story continues…
(Time constraints mean I’m writing this really fast!!) In essence, Berenger journeyed on, met the Gnomes, who asked for the tools to their airship back, our Hobbit-Priest protagonist had ‘acquired’; along with their ‘Hammer of Thor’ Mijolneer. Yet when he explained to them (through actions and hand gestures, as they didn’t speak the same language) that he had bested the dragon, they allowed him to keep their things, and even showed him a way out of the caverns. On his way he met an old man with a poorly daughter. The Priest of yollonda healed her then was shown the way out to Su’Checks Monastery where he learned some new skills.
In the meantime, Saemus met Chalomite, a drow-elf dark-priestess of the drow warriors. They became partners in crime for the moment. Stumbled across a mystic called ‘Old Mother Crumhorn’ from Marienburgh. She recognised the gypsy purse Saemus carried as being of her own creation, after giving the group a foretelling, a portent into the future. (See Prophecy below). She also sold Saemus a Crystal Ball and Gem of True Sight before getting mediaeval on his ass. Releasing blackie the crow (which actually was a daemon) from his cage. Worgs surrounded the gypsy encampment and the sky lit up with magickal energy as wizard and daemon fought it out in a magickal spell-duel! Chalomite fended off the attacks while Old Mother Crumhorne cast Otiluke’s resilient sphere. Saemus blasted the daemon with spells. It slammed into him, fumbled, the daemons trousers came down but he was un-phased as the two flew about each other in a deadly dance. The level one drow (formerly Maud, now Chalomite) was having trouble dispatching the seven Worgs on her own!! In a mEnTaL fight Seamus nearly killed the daemon who flew back to his mistress for sanctuary. Luckily Saemuses Giant-Butterfly killed him! They managed to escape the Worgs, Saemus ate the daemons brains after bartering for the body from Old Mother Crumhorn, who figured he bested a major devil so could cross her palm with silver and have the dead arcane-daemons brains for dinner. The leprechaun didn’t die as a result but levelled up in both his classes!
Meanwhile, Berenger journeyed back to the temple of yollonda. It took him weeks to make the 250 mile long journey across land to Murkwood, then another 250 miles or so across the sea. Along the way he encountered a Gnome Doom Lord (coincidentally the chieftain of the Svirblernien he had previously met). He was a good guy and spoke common. They parted ways amicably. He also went to meet Kryleena at the temple of Poseidon in Murkwood. Saemuses gang were hot on the trail, surrounded the temple and waited until nightfall. Berenger tried to cast Hold Person with an improvised spell component then caused a wild-surge, making him have amnesia for a day! Thus forgetting all his spells, or even what an earth was going on! Eventually the clerics were bothered with Berenger and Kryleena over-staying their welcome inside the temple over-night so they showed them a secret tunnel in which to escape the goons waiting outside to ambush them!
Little did they know the couple were being shadowed as Flitter Fernwise the alcoholic pixie-fae (now in the service of the McFinnigan brewery) was silent and invisible, trailing them to their campsite outside the city. They waited until lunch (until the amnesia had worn off!) then booked a passage for the Ginge Pirate states on a man o’war heading north. Several of the McFinnigan gang masqueraded as crew…
They encountered some 15 foot long sea-lions and burned them off the port, starboard sides, also the aft and the stern of the ship: with flaming-oil, greek-fire. Between the sea-lions claws and burning fire, the Mary-Jane began taking on water. The crew hastily repaired it. With favourable wind the seventy foot vessel the Mary-Jane headed due north from Murkwood to it’s destination before encountering a 500-foot long ancient sea monster! Berenger wasn’t taken unawares and the team frantically tried to cut-loose the life-boat. Sailors dived overboard everywhere, trying to flee the terrifying monstrosity! He escaped in the nick of time, uncovering a stow-away, Flitter Fernwise. He cast Hold Person as she tried to escape, then attempted to cure her alcoholism with a Shock Therapy spell but rolled critical damage killing her outright! (It’s okay, pixie-fae come back in a matter of months, providing she finds a re-birth mother, anyhow). The ship’s best mate, ‘Jack the Lad’ a red-haired human – Anglyn; has entered into the service of yollonda after the group make preparations for an impending attack from the McFinnigan gang in approximately one months time.

Meanwhile…. Old Mother Crumhorn peered into her crystal ball and spoke:

“Your future love’s diminished in puissance*, brought back to life, live, breath once more,
A line of royal kinship Faerie-Isle, wet-work, regicide, dark to the core,
Yet Kryleena’s destined to burn or dunce, so silent stillness’ arretting assault,
For sanctuary claimed by Elven-slave, caused townsfolk to take arms and revolt,
Danger lays ahead Shaemus, the trap is set with hedgehogs hide,
Be wary ye, dark forces wait, across the sea, brought with the tide,
I warn you Eire-born, heir to the throne, if offered olive-branch of peace,
Take-not that bloody path ye tread, lest ambush eats you and butterfly beast…
Be happy with your bride…”

Written by Grift-Meister Maxwell Lewis Latham

Moonday the 14th of December, 2009

Thorsday the Seventeenth of December, the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Nine Anno Dominii at precisely 7:00 P.M. Greenwich Mean time, finished at ten-minutes past the witching hour.

Grift-Meister Maxen the Anglo-Saxon’s Campaign Log.
The Party
As They Stand
Saemus O’Finnigan [Muti-Classed] Leprechaun (Played by “O’Leary”):
10th Level Mage {‘Necromancer’}/11th Level Thief {Robber} (Neutral-Evil)
Berenger Baggins (“Baked”): Hobbit, 7th Level Priest of the yollonda {Curator}
[Hobbit gawdess of fertility and protection] (Chaotic-Good) and last (but not least)…
Chalomite Do’urden (“She-Ra”) Drow, 2nd Level Dark-Priestess of selvetarm {Acolyte}
[Drow gawd of Dark-Elf Warriors] (Neutral-Evil)

The Story so far…

After following the advise of an old witch-woman (namely Old Mother Crumhorne), the duo of Saemus O’Finnigan and Chalomite Do’Urden make their way in search of the renegade hireling [N.P.C.] Kryleena (Elven Outlaw), who had stolen some scrolls from Saemuses Bag of Many Tomes before being re-captured, imprisoned once more, fought over, then escaped, carrying the body of Maud Reginauld (A late P.C. of She-Ras) to be restored back to life; albeit with a Diminished Rite spell.

What happened next. After setting off hot on the trail of the outlaw Kryleena and Priest Berenger, the McFinnigan hoodlums relay information back and forth as to the whereabouts of the wanted exiles. The trail leading them to the maritime town of Murkwood in the region of Buckhollow, a small coastal town amidst the Kingdom of Aran’Kandeesh. Chartering a ride on the ship called Sweet Mary Jane, bound for the Emirate of Fra’Neer, the Dinge States. Saemus places everyone into his Bag of Many Tomes and only pays the one fair, a modest sum of only four-hundred gold pieces. Along the way they encounter the very same pack of sea-lions (the fifteen-foot variety) who are easily dispatched by the Leprechauns lightning-bolt. Then, a few days later, the same monster of the deep, a five-hundred foot long gigantic serpent engulfs the ship and crew. The captain who escaped this very fishes fate the last time around, loosing his old ship the Mary Jane has to endure a similar fate. The monster breathed out a gas cloud of breath-weapon nearly killing the little leprechaun who only just evaded the deadly noxious fumes bellowing forth from the monsters maw. Lancing a couple of charges of his Wand of Phantasamal Fireballs, Saemus the lucky-Leprecahaun hits it for fifty damage, unfortunatly the Sea-Monster made his saving throw (vs. death to avoid being killed outright by huge amounts of damage – 50 in the case of H4CKM45T3R) and so, the behemouth, after constricting the ship the Sweet Mary Jane and eating most of the crew, she went back under the deep. Saemus flied the rest of the way there, being shot-at by sixty-odd Merfolk, twenty of them attempting to pepper him with harpoons and crossbows on the way, without any success I might add.
To the town of Draycove, Saemus and Chalomite scoped out the area, alone with no gang, just the two of them, spells prepped and ready for a fight. An emissary from inside the temple of yollonda came out, and after suggesting a comprimise, information being relayed back and forth to Berenger and the N.P.C. Kryleena inside, a plea-bargain was struck. Seeing as Leprechauns strictly speaking can’t reproduce, he was to make a donation to the church and promise to have no-harm befall Kryleena in exchange for a blessing from the fertility gawdess (namely yollonda) on a full-moon, after being wed, the ground consectrated beforehand and consumating the marriage of Leprechaun and ½-Elf player characters (Maud and Saemus) near the coast at the appointed time according to the stars. No-one realised at this point that a Restoration spell was not available, thus after a speedy ceremony, the two characters went for it, hammer and tongs. Being as we calculated only 36 rounds (three minutes or so) for the blessing to last, Saemus failed his willpower save, Maud concieved a child (unknown gender so far). Seeing as Maud had effectivly dropped down a whole four levels meant her stats had decreased accordinly the first-born wouldn’t be hot on her side as far as the gene-pool method of character creation, the protegy P.P.C. (Potential Player Character) in case one of them should get waxed. Anyway, the 845T4RD daughter and royal – Maud – coupling with Saemus plan on having a big family, so there are any more little McFinnigans running around. Hopefully Maud may be fully restored by then…
This nightmare campaign with players being at each others throats over N.P.C.’s had come to an end after Berenger agreed to Saemuses terms of keeping ‘lead in his pencil’ by adding another section to the McFinnigan Clan Brewery – for Potions of Bless and fertility gawdess Bless-scrolls. The impending train-wreck of my adventure was salvaged through reasoning and comprimise (phew!).
On with the scenario, alas, the group heard rumours of a cave, then Kryleena spotted the entrance. After casting Find Traps Berenger detected a lightning-bolt trap on the door. Chalomite nearly managed to get everybody toasted if it wasn’t for Mr. Bagginses swift warning. Saemus rolled a critical-success (02 on the percentile, blatantly) on his remove traps and found two lightning-bolt traps to be recovered.
A short way down the tunnel the group encountered a two Ethereal-Lammasu (one of each kind). They asked the posse a riddle, they each failed to awnser it, thus enraging the spectral Lammasus. (Saemus was out getting tea, and seeing as he is invisble all the time, I ruled they coulldn’t see him, nor hear him with his flutter ability, means I let the 3rd try to the others that were there, namely Cal’ and Berenger). A fight ensued. The battle was brief as another shot from Saemuses Wand of Phantasmal Fireballs (down to only four charges remaining now!) did a shed-load of damage to the lesser Lammasu, leaving him on five hit points! Pleading for his mates life, the two groups talked about it, stopped fighting and even ended up traded some items. Before leaving Saemus asked if they knew anything of what might be down the tunnel, the Lammasu didn’t know. The underground home-grown crew went on their way. The tunnel split in two. Chalomites keen Elven vision saw the left fork heading to a chasm, stockade and stalagtites over a dark ominous pit. To the right it sloped downwards futher, into the gloom. A slight wind brushed passed everybody as they made their way towards the rickety stockade.
It bore a sign, written in blood on a big piece of bone, Chalomite rubbed herself against it for some bizzare reason, the darkness perhaps, the blood (though not fresh, but old, dried and crusted) maybe. Weird man. The toll collection box fell-down spilling coins everywhere. Saemus the Wizard felt an ominous disturbance, although the party had detected no obvious traps something odd was with this crossing. He paid a gold piece on to the pile then crossed without any trouble. Berenger (who I might add was strapped for cash) started scooping up the coins and then ordered his invisible Divine Lackey across. The rope-bridge snapped in two and the Divine Lackey was no more, falling several hundred yards to his doom.
Berenger wasted no time in downing a flying potion, carrying Chalomite [Cal’], he flew across the bridge. Suddenly the stalagtites became animated (Piecers) and started falling down on top of the Priest. He was struck twice for thirty or so points of damage, never once dropping Cal’ and making it across. Saemus flew back, unharmed, replaced the thirty gold Berenger had stolen, then paying two more Gold Pieces, then put Kryleena the N.P.C. outlaw in his sack and flew on Shifty – his giant butterfly back across the chasm.
Beyond this, down the next tunnel the party could see a huge creature. It turned and stared at Kryleena (the warrioress, leading the party at this point). She was instantly turned to stone for t’was a Greater Basilisk! Saemus hammered it with spells, as did the others and between them all the underground home-grown posse slammed it for sixty-odd points of damage in a single round! After a team-effort the party waxed it, routed through it’s treasure horde finding: some Chainmail + 2, a cursed Ring of Deliberation and a suit of Brigandine + 3, some other, a scroll of protection from Breath Weapons, also a suit of Splint Mail + 3. All the armour found was regular Human/Elf size* (see footnote below).
The next encounter further on down the tunnel was with some Arcane Bats and an ancient Iron-Dragon. (Again! Perhaps I’ve been reading too much Knights of the Dinner Table for this whole thang was made up on the flex, par moi). The party tried to negociate (Cal’ is still only 2nd level at this point!) then the ancient wyrm shook them down for a few magick items, kindly replenished thirteen charges on Saemuses Wand of Phantasamal Fireballs. Anyhow; getting’ on, we, (the royal we) that is to say: they, the posse, decided to leave Old Rog-Gut the Iron-Dragon to his own devices, venturing forth down into the deeper dungeons. It should be good, I’ll keep y’all posted, fa’ shoow.
All in all everybody gained a shed-load of experience points. We hadn’t been using the rules for only one level-up per session (they earned it so, why not level up, as Valraven says: (One of) “the best part of Fantasy Role-playing Games is not just creating new characters, but levelling them up. She-Ra had the chance to run her older, more powerful (albeit a shadow of her former-self as a result of the Diminished Rites spell).

Here’s the party as they stand now:

Saemus O’Finnigan [Muti-Classed] Leprechaun (Played by “O’Leary”):
11th Level Mage {Wizard}/12th Level Thief {Master Treasure Hunter} (Neutral-Evil)
Berenger Baggins (“Baked”): Hobbit, 7th Level Priest of the yollonda {Curator}
[Hobbit gawdess of fertility and protection] (Chaotic-Good) and last (but not least)…
Chalomite Do’urden (“She-Ra”) Drow, 5th Level Dark-Priestess of selvetarm {Adept}
[Drow gawd of Dark-Elf Warriors] (Neutral-Evil)

  • (I use the the world of Titan/Allansia (Fighting Fantasy) or J.R.R. Tolkien’s style elves, ancient, archaic and native to Anglyn. English Elves. Not the ‘Peter Pansy’, late Michael Jackson ‘Neverland Ranch’ style elves as described by the late Gary Gygax, along with Dave Arneson, the co-founders of Dungeons & Dragons, role-playing as we know it to this very day. I prefer the Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Double-R Tolkien English Elves of Allansia and Middle-Earth. Taller than humans, more slender. In my world of Tadisaga, the majority of Elves are Wood Elves, and even they are spread far and thinly, ever endangered, rare creatures. Although I hasten to add the players may field any type of Elf in this, the Snuggle-Nook campaign.

Grift-Meisters Campaign Log – Christmas Eve, the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Nine, Anno Dominii

After following a trail and a tunnel, down beyond the town of Frahneer, near Berengers temple of yollonda, the home-grown house moved up beyond the pail of the couple of Lammasu, Greater Basilisk (now six-feet under) and the Guardian Iron-Dragon (which turned out to be a Gnome Illusionist), anyway, Chalomite, Saemus and Berenger descended the depths, encountering a lone Gnome-Titan Beserker. Saemus became visibile, shimmering into reality, hailing his long lost friend in broken Gnomish. Garag barely acknowledged his old friend, letting out a low growl that signified that these folks weren’t would-be enemies. So, the four of them ventured forth down into the dungeons deeper levels.

Chalomite noticed another four, spectral figures, up ahead in the distance. Her Sixth-Sense and keen elven senses detected something lurking in the darkness ahead. Garag Tog (the Gnome-Titan RageMaster) drew his sword and walked slowly towards the gloom. A shriek of incandescent fire, and some raised eye-brows as if to say “What a surprise!”, Saemus let rip with his Wand of Phatasamal-Fireballs, cinging the Pseudo-Spectres. From Chalomite’s description of these creatures Berenger was able to attempt and turn (away) the undead, he wasn’t to know they were false, and this merely re-inforced Saemuses belief that all Undead are not real. Chalomite waded in with her magick Long-Sword and scored a (severity level seven) critical hit {Natural-Twenny! WooHoo!} smashing one of the twelve-feet spectral giants. Then Saemus slammed them with another spell, this time casting his usual Fireball Sidewinder Factor IV – which incidentally is similiar to the ‘Skipping Betty’ variant, gawd I like H4CKM45T3R, gawd bless Gary Gygax (a.k.a. Colonel Play-Doh). Anyhow, back to the adventure. In a nutshell, it’s late and I’m pretty baked right now, it’s only 9:45PM Greenwich Meantime, but man am I toasted. So. (Monty Python & the Holy-Grail Get ON with it!!) Alas, they found some four-thousand or so Gold Pieces, Garag stumbled across The Gnomish Sword of Battle Sense (a + 4 variant, number eighteen), Berenger – a Staff of Curing, and Chalomite a Elven Cloak (Same effectivness as a Drow item, i.e. – 20%, but doesn’t perish with the coming dawn).

Next thing you know the Home-Grown Crew sprung upon a half-a-dozen Centaur Ants, not initially hostile. Saemus gave the order to hold fire (earning him an alignment-shift infraction point towards good), then whatever good he may’ve done, was quickly negated by the notion of immediately attacking the innocent mythical creatures, just idly going about their business. Blam Blam Blam! Another Fireball Sidewinder (Factor IV) and the Centaur-Ants were down to roughly half their hit points, then Berenger cast ‘Cause Serious Wounds’ inflicting a shed-load of damage on one of the Ant-Centaurs bringing him down. (As it’s Christmas we’re all getting double X.P. for wasting enemies, a time of giving). Anyway, Saemus let out another blast of fire waxing Chalomite (who failed three consecutive rolls, her’s and Garag’s mulligan for the session!) alas, Berenger only just made it out alive, yelling out in the Hobbit tounge, “Would you stop burning everybody?!”. The young (56 years old) Hobbit picked up the charred and burned body, that which remained of Chalomite Do’Urden (after she was no longer on fire, naturally) and placed her ceremoniously in the Bag of Holding. No doubt she qualified for the Experience-Point bonus for ‘Most Awesome Character Death!’, awarded Post-Humulously. The team then stowed away the treasure (only six Centaur-Ant shells, used to be enchanted or flixible light-weight armour A.C.4). Saying goodbye to the Lammasu and passing the stone statue of the inanimate Kryleena. (Wasted by the now dead Greater Basilisk) Testament to the foray that had gone-on in tha last session. Anyway, I digress once more.

Saying a friendly hello to the two Lammasu guarding the Entrance, the party had an un-eventful stroll back into the town of Frahneer. Resting up at the temple, hooking up with Maud (who ‘Muffin’ is now playing seeing as Chalomite was toast at the hands of another player, namely the infamous Saemus!) Berenger healed everybody, cast Minor Raise Dead on Chalomite, who was an N.P.C. The church of Yollonda sent forth righteous Priests to cast Restoration of Princess Maud Reginaule. She was back on full-form: eight level again. The Leprechaun Wizard managed to write some spells into his library half-a-dozen or so during teh course of this un-eventful journey. The Eire-borne Mage-Thief also successfully researched Dimension Door in this time.

Saemus booked passage on the Mary Jane III, capt’n Aehab set sail for another deathtrap voyage ‘cross the ocean waves, back to the town of Murkwood, near Praxter. This journey two was un-eventful and Garag started feeling the effects of the ’Lack of Hack’ table, losing a hit-point for the now. More travel, more sunny days and not a creature in sight. Until, that is, they came across the entrance they had heard rumors of in a Tavern, not far from here.

Saemus, scouting, invisible and silent tried setting fire to on of the torches on the wall of an L-shaped chamber, large in size, huge, with giant-sized tables strewn about, and a Giant with spectacles, painting on a massive canvas in one corner of the room. Kijneer, the Hill giant artist, noticed the blaze, and the footprints in the dusty floor and went to swipe Saemus, who fluttered up to the air-vent the rest of the crew were hiding in. Raisig the alarm and summoning another Hill-Giant, also a pair of Bugbears and Carniverous Apes. They assembeld at the base of the hole, oragnising climbing gear, ropes, pitons and standing on the giant’s shoulders he two pairs of bugbears and carniverous apes clambered up towards the crew. Berenger cast White Hot Metal and cinged one of the ropes, sending two Bugbears falling to the floor for 2D6 worth of falling-damage each. After that a Saemus let-rip again with his Phantasamal Fireball magick wand, toasting the Bug-Bears and Man-eating Apes but not before Maud stuck-home with her bow, nailing one of the Bugbears. An Carniverous-Ape took a swing at Garag, who was sent into a Frenzy. Hurling himself down from the vent, he slammed into a Hill-Giant swinging his Gnomish Sword of Battle-Sense (+ 4) and taking a hefty chunk out of the massive giant.. Berenger swung at an Ape, then we held the action their.

Nobody levelled-up except Garag Tog, our Gnome-Titan Beserker.

by Maxen » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:07 am
Whilst sleeping on the deck of their ship, our intrepid band of adventurers (namely Maud McFinnigan & Berenger Baggins) were set upon by the army of Sanguin, Spite-Sprites and Giant-Octopii. The Sprites peppered Berenger & Maud with sleep-arrows who both failed their saving throws versus poison. Being dragged aboard the Wraith, the underground home-grown crew were taken into the impending bondage, with little or no trouble. Berenger was muzzled so he couldn’t cast spells. However the Capt’n was compassionate with the Priest Berenger for having helped him fight the Octogorgon; he then handing him a pouch containing the following items: a small rusty dagger, a nail-file, a Potion of Healing, 10 Gold-pieces, a ruby gemstone (worth 500Gp), a tinderbox, a key (for the hand-manacles) and last but not least, a note. Written on the note in the common tongue were the words, “Capriol the Swinger – see him.”.
At this point the duo were dragged on-deck with the Capt’n lording it over them. (I played this scene for all that it was worth!) He would take swigs of random potions, handing them out to his crew (12 Ghouls, 7 Human Thugs and a few commanders). Then he would test out items, having the Sanguin Priests inspect them for magickal energy. Items that were cursed or only usable by good alignment were the first to go overboard (however the Hammock of Restful Sleep and Blanket of Animal-Rapport slipped the net as it specifically stated in their description that they seemed like mundane ordinary items).
Then ‘Baked’ (The player running Berenger) exclaimed, “He can’t use my magickal mace, it was a family heirloom and signature item.” Alas, the Capt’n threw it overboard. Hehehehe.
Then the two were bound to the oars, suffering horrible scarring that branded her majesty Maud and the pious Hobbit for the rest of their days. Berenger found himself next to a quiet man who was willing to partake in any escape attempts. Maud, rowing next to a guy who although was more open and talkative, he couldn’t think for himself and ran short of ideas for escape. He was however willing to participate in any chance to get away.
Before long the pair began to tire, feeling the effects of fatigue, malnourishment and being occasionally whipped. The daily routine set-in of getting up at five (after being manacled to chains, sleeping either on benches below-deck or just on the top of the deck). Then breakfast, a spartan fare of gruel. While awake in the early morning Berenger started to pray. Taking advantage of when the guards were away, he unlocked his manacles, removed his muzzle and started memorizing spells. (G.M. note: Although originally I was vehemently opposed to him doing this, I did roll for the guard wandering off as in the adventure, and ‘Baked’ made a very convincing argument!) As soon as the guard returned, Berenger cast Cause Fear, making the over-seer run screaming for his life. At this the other prisoners yelped “Take me! Free me!”, he told them to pipe down or he’ll cast some their way. It worked, not another word out of the others. The tiny Hobbit desperately tried to file away his shackles and the minute he heard the guards returning, quickly re-locked his manacles after affixing the muzzle back on. The entire group was interrogated and thrashed, no-one spilt the beans for fear of reprisals.
That day a storm hit the ship, Berenger was one of the few asked to bail water, man the pumps in the ships bilge. Under the careful eye of the slavers, he didn’t try any more escape attempts, though tempted he managed to resist the temptation, awaiting a better opportunity in the future (he was being watched by three thugs).
Meanwhile, Maud was rowing next to a dodgy-geezer. This black-market slave offered services such as arranging special duties (such as being a food or water server), better food, mistreating another slave, a change of clothing, more time on deck, smuggling in a small-knife, a drug that feigns death or to be moved to another bench. Although flattered by this mans attention, and in desperate need of a new outfit, Maud couldn’t bring herself down to this flutsoms standards. The princess left with her honour and virtue in-tact.
As the dodgy-seller was making indecent suggestions and advances towards her highness, a feignt shimmer appeared from out of nowhere. The black-market mans manacles started to heat-up under Saemus’ White Hot Metal spell. Screams of agony filled the hold and many guards were summoned. Making a quick exit, he managed to mouth “I will return for you my lover, I promise.” In the Elven tongue. Alas the Spite-Sprites were hot on his tail after he made a quick escape, casting a Dimension Door spell to get away.
After barley surviving a grueling voyage, the Wraith pulled in to the coastal town of Ruark. During the unloading of cargo, the slavers guard was lax, enabling the Berenger to make a quick escape. He thanked the renegade for his aid, though unsure of his motivation, yet just before leaving he slipped him a bag with the majority of his equipment inside (everything not too big, and certainly nothing obviously magickal!) He slipped Maud the nail-file and headed out in to the woods. Maud, who rendezvoused with the invisible shadowing Saemus. When the three were together, they began to formulate a plan to get their stolen equipment back. “5crew that!”, replied Berenger, happy with escaping with his life, he took off in to the woods, striking out on his own.
About a day later he was walking down the track and met a fellow friendly Hobbit who told him some rumours about the slave-lords in the area. Later on that day, the Hobbit Priest was set-upon by a dozen Crouching Hoppers (a.k.a. Mini-Raptors). After throwing a rock at them, missing, throwing another, still missing, then attacking them with his newly fashioned quarterstaff. The little-guy fumbled and the Crouching Hoppers closed in for the kill. Disaster seemed inevitable until Shifty the Butterfly arrived. (Please note that in previous posts I labeled the giant-butterfly steed “Swift-Wing” wrongly, though we still call him that sometime, Saemus dubbed his mount “Shifty”)
The Giant Butterfly came to Berengers aid (who took another six attacks of opportunity for his trouble, down to less than ten H.P. now) then the two Dimension Door’d outta there. Before doing so however, Shifty asked Berenger telepathically to help him find Saemus, the little guy projected a mental-image of the Leprechaun’s whereabouts. As soon as he had done so, Shifty teleported back to the Wraith, much to Berenger’s dismay!
The fight was in full swing upon arrival. Maud was putting down some fire from a newly found shortbow, Saemus was using his invisibility to go for the back-stab for once. Berenger cast Silence 15’ radius on the Sanguin Priests, messing their ability to cast verbal spells up (all cleric spells are verbal seemingly). The Shifty deposited the Hobbit in the ships crows nest. Saemus went to work trying to find the royal stash of items about the ships crew-members, without any luck. Getting annoyed at not finding anything, he cast Phantasmal Fireball, waxing nearly the entire crew! The only people to escape un-scathed were the Spite-Sprites, the Capt’n and the First-Mate (who was down to 1 H.P. by now!).
Berenger cast Hold People on the Spite-Sprites, four were hit, two fell into the ocean and drowned, another hit the deck taking damage and they all fled the field, failing a morale check.
The wounded yet determined Capt’n climbed the rigging to get at Berenger, taking a swipe at Berenger, he fumbled! His armour came loose. Berenger threw a vial of acid down at the First-mate killing him outright. Then the Capt’n took another swipe at Berenger, who although had provoked an attack of opportunity for using missile weapons in melee combat, the unlucky Capt’n fumbled again, this time losing his shield, and barley being able to keep hold of the rigging! He then failed a morale check. Saemus took him down with a Magick-Missile: Sidewinder as he tried to flee.
So, the home-grown crew did good. Liberating the Wraith they set about dropping anchor and scouring the place for treasure, finding a shed-load by the way! Moored about half a mile from the town, they could see through a telescope that crowds had begun to gather in Ruark, watching the display of magick and seeing these slavers thoroughly bested.
Saemus guarded the ship, while Maud and Berenger rowed ashore in two of the life-boats on board. They began a recruitment drive for potential crew-members. After turning away a few unacceptable candidates (namely rival slavers) they managed to get a motley number of eight suitable crewmen. They agreed to pay them 10Gp per month, approximately triple the going-rate!
Upon returning to the Wraith, the crew had some well needed rest. However their sleep was interrupted as a small boat neared their ship. On board were some more slavers asking for help in ousting a rival slaver faction. In the office, Berenger told them firmly “No” and slammed the door in their face. Quite right too. The newly appointed captain of the ship had had his fill of slavers for one day.
The next visit was by a dignitary of the town. Asking an audience with the mayor to discuss mooring fees. Berenger agreed, taking Maud with him, as well as three crew members, including ‘Slaine’ the Level Five Half-Orc Barbarian. While Saemus held the fort and kept the remaining crew in-line, a deity turned up, hiddukel – the Prince of Lies. Taking the Leprechaun under duress to the Abyss to begin his trial. There he would face the gawds of Krynn and be asked to convert to hiddukel, in doing so becoming a demi-gawd under his control, or, more likely, get his ass kicked. Perhaps even visa-versa, but that is highly unlikely – more of that next session write-up!
Meeting in a tavern, Maud and Berenger began to hammer out the terms of the fee. Using his diplomacy skill, the Hobbit managed to re-negotiate the standard rate of ten Gp a day, down to nine. Shaking hands the mayor left, and just as soon as he had done so a group of rowdy thugs entered the bar. They drank heavily and spoke of heinous deeds done. One of their number staggered over to Berenger, taking a swipe at the little feller. Berenger had none of it, using his ‘Bar-room Brawler’ skill to wrap a chair around the thugs head saying, “Stitch that Jimmy!” in typical Hobbit fashion. Well, sort of.
Then one of the gang (a Wizard) cast a Web spell, snaring almost everyone, including his mate who had tried to hit Berenger. (G.M. note, this is a bit naughty as it said he only had certain spells memorized in the adventure, I made an exception or t’would have been too easy for them). One of Berengers henchmen, cut him free. Meanwhile, some of the thugs slipped into the shadows. Three of them were still visible and were caught by another Hold People spell. The remaining two, failed their back-stab attempts and once again were Held by Berenger. Then the town-watch arrived, but not before the Hobbit and Maud were able to relieve the gang of a couple of magickal items. They were asked to accompany the guards to the station to make a statement, but the watch were on the whole, thankful that the crew had managed to tie them up, offering them a 500Gp reward, plsu reimbursing the money for the silk rope they’d used to tie them up. Once back at the guard house, the mayor of Ruark entered. Bereneger said, “Now, about that mooring fee…”
The party were wandering town and managed to track down a man called Faedor, who helped them find the secret entrance to the slave-lords lair, at the back of the Temple of pan. The mayor once again summoned them, charging them with a mission to rid the town of the slave-lords once and for all. Here endeth today’s session. Max-out.

G.M.’s Log Written at 6:00 A.M. Greenwich Meantime, in the year of our Lord Hey-zeus, two-thousand and ten, Anno Dominii.

What a mammoth session! Most of it was taken up resolving combat, doing an honour audit and levelling the new character up, but we did get some action in at least. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Along the trail, Berenger and Saemus became separated from Maud, who went home to the McFinnigan brewery and Wizard’s tower, now in charge of their ship, the Wraith. The duo met a lady-sprite called Keera Hemlock, a mysterious looking, flighty and near-invisible shape that shimmered and shifted constantly. Keera fell-in with the crew; daughter of the Fernwick Isle, from a family of high-level Illusionists, she seemed to get on with them well enough (Chaotic-Neutral, Fighter/Mage). Keera Hemlock was known well at Seelie court, a friend of the Reginaulde royal family. Though green as grass, she fitted well with the group (atom croché) a fellow geek and welcomed with open arms into the group. She had with her a trained wolf, her animal companion called Louvre.

In the tiny coastal town of Ruark, the remnants of the underground home-grown crew investigate the Temple of pan. Laying stealthily in the tree-line, hidden from view, they watch the comings and goings of the Temple guard. Searching for a hidden entrance, the trio met an Dwarven ex-slave Thorynn who explained that there was a back-entrance to the Temple. However, Saemus had a better idea. After monitoring the comings and goings at the Temple, observing the occasional Bugbear patrol, and seeing the odd flock of flying creatures venture forth from the charred and overgrown ruins of the ancient site, the group bundled Berenger and Louvre in to the Bag of Many Tomes, there the two conversed about this and that (the Hobbit Priest had Speak with Animals memorized), Louvre lay down near the fire, curling her tail about her and speaking of her time growing up in amidst the Seelie court, and affairs there. Berenger decided to crack open the decanter of brandy, and even invited Drax and the young Sturm Pyre to have a drink with him; taking a break from their normal duties of maintaining the comfy living-space.

Meanwhile, Keera and Saemus flew up and over the crumbling complex, down in through a crack in the roof, into an old overgrown graveyard. (G.M. note: before I go any further, I’d like to explain that I committed the younglings too early, that’s what I get for speed-reading the adventure before hand!) As soon as the pair touched-down on the vine-covered soil, calling Berenger out of the bag, a number of Malicious Pod-Plants rose up and attacked the crew! Saemus wasn’t surprised for his Gem of True Sight gave him the heads-up, neither was Keera, for her telepathy forewarned her of the danger that followed. Even so, she rolled high for her initiative, being suddenly snagged and caught on the tendrils that were the plants’ limbs! Saemus let-rip with a blast of Phantasmal Fireballs catching the three adult Pod-Plants, singeing them some; he rolled low however, and one of them made his save so they were still alive.

Keera was caught up by two of the podlings, they whacked her with their clubs, taking her down to negative-one hit-point, but she sucked it up, using her Endurance talent to keep on keepin’ on. Berenger had even more trouble keeping the four other younglings off of him, but thanks to his Plate-Mail +4 and trusty Magick Shield, they didn’t make much of an impact. Seeing his new-found companion in trouble, he quickly ran over to her and tapped her with his Staff of Curing, then bundled her into his Bag of Holding. Thanks to her Receptive Healer talent, she survived, just about.

Saemus let-rip with another volley of Phantasmal Fireballs this time ‘toasting’ two of the Pod-Plant adults. Berenger tried to cast Sticks to Snakes whilst surrounded by young Pod-Plants. He was hit straight in the face, but I ruled that if he managed a concentration check (the average of his CON and WIS scores), equal or under on a D30 that he could still pull it off (a slim chance). Alas, he made it. The clubs being wielded by the young Pod-Plants, as well as various canes around the cemetery, transformed into poisonous snakes, finishing off most of the younglings, but not before Keera stuck her head out of the bag and exacting her vengeance on the one which bludgeoned her, slayed the fiend. One Magick-Missile: Sidewinder and the last adult was toast. (G.M. note: it said their was no treasure, screw that jive, I rolled up a standard treasure type from the Hacklopedia of Beasts). The party found a shed-load of gold, platinum and gems, but no magick.

The underground home-brew crew then negotiated a few corridors before reaching a dead-end. It wasn’t long before they discovered they lay on the other side of a secret door. Opening out to an extremely large chamber, strewn with rubble and covered in a smattering of coins, the group were wisely cautious, taking their leaders advice and not scooping up the loose change. Unbeknownst to them (though they suspected something dreadfully wrong, somewhere nearby) the crew could’ve contracted all manner of nasty diseases had they rifled through the broken masonry and charred remains of the ruined area. As Berenger was once again, placed into the Bag of Many Tomes, the Sprite Keera Hemlock and Leprechaun Saemus McFinnigan skirted the area for other possible exits.

Keera stumbled upon a stone in the wall that seemed out of place. Pushing it didn’t seem to do anything, neither did pulling it. After a few tries she managed to turn the stone about, unlocking another secret corridor. Starting down it, the underground crew found a small store cupboard, filled with barrels of sealed wine. (Yet another G.M. note: in the poorly written pre-fab’ adventure it said that the wine barrels were sealed, yet the wine had aged and thus gone off?!?! Serves me right not writing my own or doing it on the flex!). So the crew cracked open the barrels, two of which I decided had a fine, matured and flavourful vintage red. Another was a green ginger-wine, with another bottle floating in the bottom of it. Seeing as the tallest member of the party was a Hobbit, they had trouble getting it out from the bottom, but after several tries, Berenger was successful fishing it out with his staff. This non-descript vial was easily identified as a Potion of Healing which Louvre said should go to Keera, seeing as the others still had potions to spare.

The group then found an Alice-in-wonderland style tiny door, three feet tall. Berenger cast Summon Divine Lackey and sent her on ahead to confront the danger. A roll of ‘04’ on the Divine Intervention Roll meant that the gawdess yondall’ actually appeared before them! This abuse of power meant Berenger was to feel her wrath. Yondall’ spake thus, “Berenger Baggins, no longer shall you have the effects of restoring fertility when thoust bless thy congregation, lest not until thou hast gone to house Indigo and discovered the source of the disturbance there. You hath ten cycles of Lunat in order to complete this Gaes.”. Whilst their she offered Saemus the chance to join her as a follower of the good, the righteous and she offered to fully restore his fertility if he did so. After pondering the implications, Saemus nearly did so, but backed out when he realized that it meant being steered towards “Lawful Good” alignment! Yondall’ waved her hand and his Wand of Phantasmal Fireballs turned to dust. (G.M. note: She actually gave him a choice to loose his staff or to have a leg wither away, Saemus very nearly chose his leg!). Then, the deity disappeared as quickly as she had arrived, along with her Divine Lackey.

Boldly trying the handle, they stepped through into a small wooden room with a pile of rubbish in the corner. Being instantly suspicious, Saemus still went over to investigate. As he neared the suspect pile, it leapt up and attacked him! T’was a giant Sundew monster, with sap, suffocation and enzyme special-attacks. This didn’t deter the crew who slammed into it with missile fire. A shot from Keera’s crossbow (a sleep-bolt) missed it’s target, Saemus hit it, casting Phantasmal Fireball (no surprise their! At least he didn’t cast an actual Fireball!), incandescent flaming maya slammed into the creature, who believed the fire to be real. Berenger courageously stepped forward, casting Cause Serious Wounds and fumbled, hitting himself!!! Dealing twenty-odd points of damage, after an unlucky roll on the D1000 fumble table in H4CKM45TER meant the wise Priest of yondall’ pulled back to lick his wounds. Saemus closed the thing down with a Magick-Missile: Sidewinder after the group traded blows with the thing without any serious trouble.

Berenger climbed into his own Bag of Holding to heal-up, and asked Keera to carry it for the time-being, she did so willingly for saving her life earlier on in the adventure. He ate and shared some of his venison, then, after curing himself a little more, he stepped out once Keera had landed and the group proceeded, en masse. They rounded a corner and found a stable with three horses inside. Berenger investigated the hay-loft only to discover another ex-slave bearing the markings of the Wraith slave-ship. The group took pity on the man and took him on as a torch-bearer (G.M. hehehehehehehe). Then the party decided to rest in the loft, setting up watch. Saemus volunteered, putting everyone into the Bag of Many Tomes. In the middle of the night, something was amiss. The slave-man was missing and Louvre was acting strangely. Keera awoke, peered into her wolf-companions eyes and could not see her old friend their. Saemus immediately bashed the wolf’s head in, much to Keera’s surprise! The dying wolf, transformed back in to the Doppelganger masquerading as her faithful ally. Not far from here lay the body of Louvre. Berenger used his veterinary healing skills to restore the nearly-dead animal back to life.

Getting back to sleep after the ordeal, the remaining watch-people were ever more alert. In the morning, after a brief breakfast, spell recital and prayers, the group headed further into the dungeon. The came across two doors, one with some movement behind it, another silent. They decided to investigate the silent one at the far end of the corridor they were heading down. As they found a food-store filled with pickles, eggs, meat and fish, a group of four Bugbears burst in on them! Keera cast Chromatic Orb and blinded three of their number. Berenger waded in to attack, and as per usual, Saemus ‘toasted’ them with his Phantasmal spell antics (only cast at 11th Level now, and needing pieces of wool as opposed to just expending a charge on his now perished wand).

So here, the session ended. I am away playing gigs (a real-life wandering minstrel, not making stuff up in the imagination, but actually living the dream) but I will be back in a few weeks. Berenger might give a go at running a Discworld campaign perhaps. Oh, and in other news, this spring ‘Hannibal’ (a.k.a. Zemiah “the messiah” Pangelli) is an excellent Pixie-Fae campaign, of which I will of course be partaking in and will write up everything that happens. In much more detail I might add, as I can concentrate on logging everything properly rather than worrying about all the time. I will still however be running this campaign, just as soon as I get back. I’ll keep y’all posted of course.

In this session our new-player made level 2/2. Max-out. Take care, and peace be with you.

La Ballade de la groupe Finnigan

Perpetual winter bodes forth the dweomer, a cold spell lasting time-forever,
Behind ice-glass walls she lies, Iscaria, Soreceress with emerald eyes,
No hope save for brave souls that descend, into a frozen laberynth (with) seemingly no end,
Lost are the mountains to (the) frost and snow, beasts rarely seen, come down in droves,
Only if (the) ritual (is) disturbed cans’t thou break the spell, of the eternal cold, a Norsemans Hel,
Before the eclipse, stars, sun and moon, three cycles of Aldrazar thrice lune,
So thou art charged, the gaes dye cast, (the) fate of the world, in-balance thy task,
For if thou fail then (the) consequence(s) (are) dire, no more will Snuggle Nook see fire;

Unless thhe chosen ones do well, La Luciole junne, tréize junne, et tréize belle,
Le Lutin-Farfadet qui deconcerter, et le Nain de yondall’ le Guerisseur,
La herituer lèse-maajesté, purtetre la prochaine reign de la Fae,
Une Elfe demi qui penze assassiné, pas juse fois, mais encore fais,
Alliance diabolique nagé en sang, Les deux amoreaux parley pas le meme lang,
Ou pas si bonne Nain ârrete le connerie, de mudre le faux femme d’famile royaltie,
Le sort a cassie l’cameraderie, vive Fernwick, la terre sacreé,
Les arbes cahent la forêt, c’est sur, être centent a vie su diuex,
Le sereau roi offrir des yeux, donque essayè pas, c’est trop, c’est dur,
Pasque les yeux il’vue tout ta fais, prende l’bonne chemin, trouve la paix,
La guerre c’est perdu, c’est pas gangé, c’est shont, c’est jonni marr, oui, j’sait,
Mais le chemin noir en diable tombé, pas fais ça mec, j’aimais, j’amais;

La chaleureuxuse bellicste, guerrierère, aussie elle apprentie l’chemin sorcière,
Avais copain d’aboard Nain Guerissuer, et le Lutin-Farfadet deconcerter,
Chef de la groupe des adventuer, entré dans une alliance diabolique – sans coer,
Avec heritiurére qui lèse-majesté, apparament la prochain reign des Fae,
Tous ensemble la Lutin-Luciole, le Lutin-Farfadet, il est drole,
La princesse qui fauche tout les choses, et finalement Nain Guerissuer qui est pieux.

by Maxen » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:34 pm
In the fair land of Snuggle Nook trouble is brewing. The shake-up of boundaries between the Dwarves, Gnomes and Orcs near Fangerie was merely an illusion, instigated by the infamous Gnome-Illusionist known as Draco Faustus. A world within a world gives forthy a cloudly vision of a land within a sphere. The Wytch, Old Mother Crumhorne peers into here crystal ball and see’s through vacant, trance-like eyes. Next to here is Faustus, who spaek thus;

“Tell me what you see old woman, I demand to know if they escaped.”

Crumhorne’s high-pitched haggard voice pierced the silent gloomy interior of the Wayworld Chamber, “Quiet youngling! I need silence to seer.”

She gazed into a part of the Tadisaga, a subterrainan chamber, a reddish dark cave. A small moat within the natural rockface gave way to a dias. Pillars sculpted from the rarest black marbel propped up a circular roof in the manner of the people of Stone. From within the crevasses and reccess of the cave came two figures wearing dark robes. One a man of cadeverous demeanor, another a Yian-Tee halfman hybrid. Thier large hoods covered thier faces, carrying torches they conversed quietly in the gloomy insides of the Sacrificial Temple.

Meanwhile, far away in another part of the realm, a giants villa, stood a band of heroes known as the underground posse, a.k.a. The Untouchable Trio with another; namely, Saemus, Maud, Berenger and Kerra. The ancient hag peered into this other reality and could see the approaching Gate-Keeper. The were now close to the group. For an instant, the scene froze. That is to say, except for our four protagonists, who saw the Gate Keeper. A brilliant flash happened, blinding the two onlookers who were thrown to the floor. In all of a sudden, all five people stood looking over the stunned bodies of Faustus and Crumhorn. The Gate-Keeper handed Saemus a small curiosity, a Transference-Tablet between dimensions. Of the thirteen empty recesses on the tablet, three were filled with a runestone. The Elfae Minstrel played a light tune on his harp before explaining,

“The three touchstones are able to transport you and your group in-between three realms”, he paused a moment to reach over and press one of the small marked runestones. The symbol Daeg illuminated a yellowy-green colour, and in a flash, they were at the sight of some strange exotic city, near a port by the sea. "You see?. I might add, that if ever you are in grave danger, you may escape to the relative saftey of the Dream-World by pressing the other symbol Geofu (an X). The third, if pressed will take you back to Garweeze. It will only do so a few times before being depleted completely, so use it wisely. Then the yellowish light from the runestone of Snuggle Nook faded away, as did the Gate-Keeper. The crew were once again, in a different reality, this time on a foriegn shore, in the city-port of Orphalese.

A sprawling metropolis made up of red-tiled Casas and Villas set in a steep hill-side valley, looking out over the sea. Moored in the bay lay the groups flaship with a roguish crew manning the vessel and gaurding the booty. This vision suddenly blurred, the ship faded away as a mere phantasm, a maya. Then, the group saw a crowd milling about, it began to gather. More and more toga’d Stone citizens started to flock about a man stand on the end of a jetty, looking out to see. He was dressed in the manner of Al’Quora, sporting a white beard and a turban, holding a necklace in his left hand, and pointing a finger out towards the ocean.

It was a clear and sunny day at about noon-time, perhaps some time before in this outpost of Stone that Khalil Gibran spoke of all things so profound so as to cure the people around him, who soon became parti to his knowledge and wisdom. As the group began to follow the prophet, this new zemiah, this other muah’deeb, stood before them and told them to thrice choose a question to which he will answer, concerning life the worlds and everything…

The new zemiah is able ask questions regarding the following aspects of life, the universe and everything:
Love, Marriage, Children, Giving, Eating, Work, Joy & Sorrow, Houses, Clothes, Buying & Selling, Crime & Punishment, Laws, Freedom, Reason & Passion, Pain, Self-Knowledge, Teaching, Friendship, Talking, Time, Good & Evil, Prayer, Pleasure, Beauty, Death and finally, Continuation.

G.M.’s Campaign Log, 28th to the 29th of March 2010

The Dawn of a New World

Maud and Keera were off scouting elsewhere together while Sæmus and Berenger made their way down to the jetty, and approached the mystic. Sæmus asked Gibran Khalil where may he find a Fireball: No Mercy spell-scroll. The all-knowing prophet rolled his eyes and said, “Look inside you for you are a adept of the magickal arts, you yourself could research such a spell. You are resourceful and have the means, I can tell.” Then the prophet crested the hill-top and began looking out to sea again, watching his approaching countrymen arrive in their ship. Berenger kept silent throughout the imparting of knowledge.
As the crowd of toga’d citizens dispersed, a silvery haired man eyed them through ice-blue eyes as he smoked outside a tavern. Finishing his smoke he entered the small bar and stood behind the counter, polishing a glass and continuing to peer upon the strange demi-human newcomers with suspicion. The likely pair entered the pub and could see two waitresses behind the bar with another pair of clients, sipping at tall fine-metal cups filled with a strong clear liquid.
After trying to converse with the bar-maids and realising they spoke a different dialect, Berenger slapped a Gold-Piece down on the table after hovering up to the bar height using his Anklets of Levitation. Sæmus naturally flew up with grace to the same altitude, just by the bar stools. The black-haired Stona girl poured the two a house special: ‘Gyappa’. Berenger took a sip and only just made his CONstiution check with the plus two bonus for drinking only a bit, and not gulping it down (equal or under on a D16). The landlord offered Sæmus and Berenger some cigarillos (small cigars) to which they accepted, Berenger bought another ten lots. Sæmus motioned the universal hand-gesture for smoking hobbit pipe-weed to which the patron gave him a blank, featureless expression. However, one of the clientele said he knew what the little leprechaun was about. Giggling and speaking in broken-common, this short, old, balding man laughed through black broken teeth. He invited them both to his coach for an aperitif, the duo accepted. Over a whisky and mellow smoke, the man explained that he had some artefacts stolen. A spectacular orange coral and a golden ‘Gyppo tablet. The two ask to see the last known place his treasures were before they were stolen. Deediæ takes them to his ladies casa, and shows them where the coral and golden calendar last were. He knows the whereabouts of the prime-suspect. Through a process of elimination he had narrowed it down to one man, a leather worker who lived in a demi-casa downtown. Deediæ and his cherie had thrown a party at their place when the items went missing. The next day another soireé happened and Deediæ had cunningly left his belt-pouch with a great deal of money inside it, on the table in plain view of everyone, then he left. Upon his return, some eight hours later, the belt-pouch was still there, not a coin missing. Through deduction, the only other person who was not at the soireé was Michel, the leather worker.
The old man led them to where he lived, rang the bell, then handed them a small map showing directions back to the casa. He spoke, “Once you’ve recovered the object return to me and I will amply reward you both.”
Footsteps came down the stairs, the door opened and a stocky-looking man with a bulbous nose and blonde beard appeared. He spoke only in Westphalian and before anyone knew what was happening, Sæmus touched the man (roll to hit) who fell to the floor unconscious (after failing his saving throw). A few passers by were looking in with nosey interest; one downward tilt of his custom dark-spectacles and Sæmuses dragon-eyes had any would-be informants either fleeing for their lives in terror or rooted to the spot with fear.
The duo entered the building, Berenger, levitating up the stairs with ease and Sæmus in tow, flying up twelve stories. The door to Michel’s loft-dwelling was ajar. Lay about the scene was a number of rice-paper parchments sporting images of musical groups, a heavily laden book case and two dozen or so works of leather. Sacks, pouches and belts. The pair began turning the place over in search of their prize. Sæmus found a small address book with a place named Giovanii off the Plaza Mercure underlined, next to the name Calender. A possible clue to the whereabouts of the Horoscope Tablet of Deediæ. Then the two found the coral, stashed underneath a pile of parchment. They could hear footsteps coming up the stairwell then a knock at the door saying in a gruff voice, “Guardia, let us in immediately”. The two left through the skylight, Sæmus turning invisible and Berenger floating over the rooftop then down the other side of the building he levitated vertically, hands crossed and quite at ease. He slipped away into shadows after rounding the corner only to see two more guardia keeping watch.
Wasting no time they headed for Giovanii’s. The coaching house was indeed located in a side-street, just off Plaza Mercure. It had another bar downstairs, guarded by two Ogryn bouncers. Berenger was able to sweet-talk and bribe his way into the place. By this time Sæmus was invisible and followed him inside. The cavern club had an eastern style band playing on raised stage, in front of a curtain. The joint was jumping. A trio performed, a saaz player, a string-bassist and some sort of exotic wind-instrument played a similarly exotic Phrygian melody to people smoking, drinking and dancing. Several lap-dancers worked the tables of the clients, one sultry looking maiden entertaining Berenger. Her semi-clad physique moving in suggestively swaying motions, sparking the interest of the Hobbit priest of the fertility gawdess. She beckoned him to put a coin where the sun doesn’t shine and Berenger tipped her a whole platinum-piece! Taking him out to the back, the two mutually comforted one another. As he was away, two local guardia came in, doing the rounds. Sæmus observed them from the top corner of Giovanii’s cavern bar. The two spoke with the owner, who ordered drinks to be bought for them. Some gold was exchanged and then the landlord left them to drink. It wasn’t long before the two guardia left. The owner, adorned in a black and white toga from Anglyn, eyed nervously the people coming into and out of the back room. Sæmus slipped through the door after someone decided to use it. He came upon a back-room kitchen scene where several well dressed men smoked cigars and played cards. Men carrying bags of coins came and went from another room out-back. The only other apparent exit being the stairwell upwards.
Meanwhile, Berenger had finished getting his end away and came back out relaxed and ready for another drink. He asked about for information regarding the tablet. Working the crowd he found a sympathetic drinker who knew the habits of the owner, crossing the strangers palm with silver, Berenger found out that the tablet was hung on the wall in the owners bedroom. He then asked the hooker he’d just slept with if she knew the whereabouts of a secret entrance to the owners bed-chamber, where t’was rumoured it hung on the wall: the golden artefact. She replied, “Yes, but it’s a trap door on the floor, behind the curtain on-stage.” She whispered something in the saaz players ear before pointing towards the young hobbit. Berenger was introduced; then boldly stepped up in-between songs and used his poetry skill to aid his impromptu singing act, joining the musicians. After the number was over, he casually stepped behind the screen curtain and found the secret corridor, coming up from beneath some crates in the back-room, near to where Sæmus was currently.
Sæmus decided to investigate this other back-room tucked away and could see three men, all counting coins then placing them in sacks and boxes. The door opened again and it seemed it was lunch-time for the mob, who left only one man on duty. The cook brought him a bowlful of red gruel they were all eating. Berenger began casting Silence 15’ radius before realising that as soon as he spoke, they would detect him immediately. The spell was cancelled before it had a chance to begin. Then Sæmus flew down to where Berenger was and the two investigated the two doors opposite, either side of each other within the secret tunnel. The twelfth level rogue made his lock-pick check with ease then the two started down the tunnel, which came to a T-junction. It was pitch dark so Sæmus used his Dancing Lights natural ability to illuminate the place for the next three and a half minutes. Heading west they entered a large cave. Deciding against going this way they headed back trying the eastward passage in the corridor. They could make out a dark temple with several human cultists wearing black robes with a red trim. The insignia they bore and the signs about the place were reminiscent of yondall’ but a twisted, perversion of the sacred symbol, holy to the priest Berenger. One of the fanatics noticed the lantern-like lights floating up ahead in the dark corridor then came to investigate. Sæmus directed the lights to in inner-sanctum which distracted most of the worshippers. Berenger befriended the inquisitive priest by casting Stirring Sermon but failed to convert the believer of a diametrically opposed pantheon, he did however agree to ask permission to admit the hobbit into the temple. They spoke with the high-priest (well, level nine) who declined his request then offered to escort him out of the complex. As they reached the door, Berenger cast the spell Cause Nasty Wounds, making his roll to hit and killing the evil priest outright! Before he knew what was happening, the cultist had a Phantasmal Fireball coming his way, again waxing his opponent. They recovered a Staff of the Serpent and a human-sized Magickal Cloak of Armour Class Six; also some jewellery, a very ornate brooch encrusted with gemstones. In addition to that a semi-precious necklace of some value.
Just then an Alpha-Modron (Icosahedron) wandered through from the cavern and attacked Berenger with a noxious gas, which our protagonist succeeded in saving against. He struck the creature with a Cause Nasty Wounds spell, in combat, taking an attack of opportunity which hit for his trouble (ten damage), he made the concentration check (average of his WISdom and CONstitution scores, equal or under on a D30) then had the magickally animated polyhedron down to three hit points. The Alpha-Modron just failed his morale check then fled, Berenger had his attack of opportunity then easily struck the creature taking it down. Just as he did so, Sæmuses Magick Missile: Sidewinder slammed into the dead thing. Finding no treasure but the bone-saw of optimal yields found that some part of the monster when consumed may cure mild insanity.
The cultists, who watched the fight with intensity from around the corner, could see their leader and comrade dead at the entrance, with two floating heroes slaying the Alpha-Modron, they decided to flee in a myriad of secret passageways throughout the inner sanctum. This left the Sæmus to use Berenger’s tool-kit to pry out the two gem eye-stones from the fifty feet tall lizardman statue the zealots were worshipping. Then that was the adventure for this evening.

G.M.’s Campaign Log, 29th of March 2010

After finding themselves in a now deserted underground dark-temple, the pair of adventurers hear the grating of a stone behind them. Rounding the corner by which they had come, to investigate the source of the grating-noise, the two noticed that a large slab of granite rock had descended from above, blocking the door-way back. The group decided to camp, rest and regain their spells. After two successful INTelligence checks, they soon realised that their was no flow of air so suffocation underground was a distinct possibility. After wondering what to do, a tiny Luciole appeared and touched the transference-tablet sending them back to Garweeze Wurld.
The group rested in the sanctuary of the temple of yondall’ then loaded up the ship the following day in a pioneer spirit. The plan was to sail around a small, remote island and then make a landing to conquer unclaimed territory. After consulting the maps and charts, they spied a small, lone island, some three hundred miles north. They set sail with fair weather and a favourable wind. An un-eventful journey and gawds-speed meant they reached their target in just a few days.
Before departing to make a landing the Capt’n and Berenger agreed to fire the catapults on his signal. The Hobbit would cast a Darkness spell, then the Capt’n would give the order to fire; not on our own boys of course.
Anyway, upon landing in the bay, our two intrepid adventurers – namely Sæmus and Berenger – stepped ashore, with their Hobbit contingent rowing two small boats in tow. It wasn’t long before they had company. The wildcats and ape-like creatures in the tree’s scattered for ground trembled violently and a thunderous boom was heard in the distance, from inside the island. Emerging from the great lake a number of huge humanoid figures began to swim to the shore and out on to the land. A fifty-foot tall gawd-eye giant, true Cyclops, dripping with water started out across the land; each booming footstep leaving a massive impression in the terrain. He was flanked by half-a-dozen eye-giant cyclops’ (some twenty feet tall).
Sæmus readied then slung his Sidewinder-Fireball Factor IV spell as Berenger flew directly towards the true Cyclops. The chieftan made his magick-res’ roll though one of the adjacent eye-giants failed and was clipped pretty bad. Cinged but undeterred, the group of giants closed in on the pair of adventurers. Berenger closed in, making a called shot to the head-cyclops’ eye. He nearly made it, t’was was close, but no cigar. Alas, the true Cyclops sent a lightning bolt out from his eye at Sæmus but missed. Two others took a swipe at Berenger, one scoring a critical hit on him, sending him crashing to the floor. He’s at minus one to hit until he can find a Cure Critical Wounds spell or better. Anyway, our hobbit protagonist still had a fair few hit-points left. The two eye-giants nearest him threw a punch at him, one missing, one fumbling badly, he hit his buddy who failed his successive DEXterity check and took the full 2D10+8 damage from his kin. The fighting was fierce, the leader Cyclops closing in on Sæmus fired his lighting eye attack once more, this time hitting the little leprechaun for forty odd points of damage taking him roughly down to about half health. Then Sæmus struck back casting a volley of spells whilst climbing higher away from the true Cyclops Gargantuan creature. The Leprechaun cast: Fireball: Sidewinder (Factor IV) all the while Berenger was levitating and diving down to cast and hit with his Cause Serious Wounds spell upon the remaining twenty-feet tall common cyclopses. In between time he scored a critical-hit upon one of them after wounding him, killing one of the giant-kin, the other enraged beat Berenger to within an inch of his life (down to one hit point). He used his Staff of Curing to heal his wounds whilst floating up and far from danger, provoking attacks of opportunity but luckily he adroitly avoided being hit.
Sæmus was having little success closing down the fifty feet high main-guy, due to the creatures high magick resistance score. He launched spell after spell, another Fireball: Sidewinder (Factor IV) and six Phantasmal Fireballs all having no effect on the true Cyclops. Then, the following round, a Magick Missile: Sidewinder slammed into the head bad-guy, bolts of green energy hurtling through the air struck the giant getting through the creatures natural defences for a modest nineteen points of damage. The head-honcho used his Thunder Clap special ability to stun the crew of their ship, he then began wading towards it as the remaining few common cyclopses either wrecked the away-boats on the shore or concentrated on bringing Berenger down as he dived down from above. His Cause Nasty Wounds found their mark, whittling down his opponents, who fought back furiously, bringing the little Hobbit in danger of his life once again.
In an attempt to save his comrade from the cold clutches of death, Sæmus cast Avoidance on Berengers boots. However, blissfully unaware of his companions help our priest failed his saving throw whilst the two cyclopses passed theirs! This resulted in Berenger was launched into the air, his Anklets of Levitation allowing him to regain control of his height. The pair of giants below studied the boots with indifference, seeking their prey in the sky. Most of the giants made their saving throws, only a few of them were repulsed by the now near useless footwear. However, Berenger was safe from danger again thus having the desired effect, albeit in a round-about way.
Meanwhile, the leader started wading out towards the ship, gaining distance rapidly. Berenger cast a Darkness spell, giving the signal to fire and engulf the giant mythical creatures who couldn’t see in the dark, confusing them greatly. The crew of the Sensii were still stunned by the Thunderclap but some of the more experienced rogues in Sæmus’ posse managed to man the catapults. All three fired and one struck the main bad-guy, damaging him significantly; all wasn’t well however as one of the heavy catapults tore up the deck of the ship, causing a split in the hull. All hands were ordered to bail water as the true Cyclops finally reached the vessel, smashing chunks out of the boat.
In complete magickal darkness, Berenger used his advantageous infravision to thrice times cast his Cause Light Wounds spell but still didn’t escape retaliation completely, getting tagged on his ascent a couple of times. The Hobbit put down both his adversaries in good time but was left badly wounded, he immediately cast a Cure Light Wounds spell on himself.
Sæmus was worried about torching the ship and his fellow rogues so targeted his last two offensive spells, namely Scatter Blast Fireballs, at the lesser giants wrecking the away-boats, however they went wild and missed their targets, either landing in the sea or on the beach head. Two of Berenger’s cronies abandoned the notion of bailing water to react to the new threat, namely the fifty foot tall Cyclops, waist-deep in seawater attacking the un-damaged side of the ship with his massive fists. Despite several strikes at the ship’s flank, the hull survived more or less in-tact. The two Hobbit soldiers manned their heavy crossbows and fired. One bolt flew true, striking the Cyclops, wounding him. Down to only four hit-points the huge creature (failed his morale check) began to wade back to the shore where his smaller brothers sabotaged the away-boats, splitting them in-two like twigs or kindling.
Sæmus was determined not to let the big guy get away so closed in for the kill, despite the fact he was out of spells. Just before charging down for a final attack the Cyclops shouted out “I yield!”, in the common tongue: Anglyn. Accepting his surrender, the magickal darkness was dispelled, light returned to the center of the island. The humble gargantuan was bested and called off his smaller kin. In a submissive speech he said in broken Anglyn, “Me live island many time. We fight off attack many, pirates, also men from big land to west, never have we been brought so close to death, especially by two as small as you. So we humbly submit to your will.” He ordered the main portion of gold and platinum to be brought out in huge chests from the cave, the common cyclopses did so. He also gave his magickal items to the underground posse. After negotiating a deal briefly, the cyclopses and underground crew agreed to live in harmony on this, their new island, won by conquest. In this treaty of words, the cyclopses would dwell in their home, the around volcanic lake and mountain. No tribute would be paid but they would help defend the island against any newcomers with designs on the territory. This new land was theirs (Sæmus and Berenger’s), known as Vesuva.

Account of role-playing session of the underground home-grown crew. Grift-Meister’s campaign log on the night of Moon-day the 31st of May, 2010 Anno Domini, midnight Greenwich Meantime.

After returning from abroad, and finding themselves lost near the forest of Whisper-Wood, Berenger the Hobbit and Garag Tog the Gnome-Titan heard of legends surrounding the wild-wood through which they now traversed. While walking along the trail Berenger asked his gawdess aloud, “Why would anyone want to choose a path non-magickal?”. Garag heard him and replied, “Well, I don’t use magick, and I chose this path, the way of the warrior.” It was still early dawn and Berenger had forgotten his morning prayers, he explained that he must get them out of the way if he is to be of much use if and when they found themselves in danger.

“You see?”, said Garag, continuing on, “This is why I don’t use magick! Bloody holding things up every time.” The Gnome-Titan of pangrus carried on grumbling until they were on their way again.

Folk in these parts had been experiencing some pretty strange going-ons in the locality. A shepherd told tales of his flock suddenly increasing in size by a few sheep, whenever he had his back turned. After a few moments, the flock would return to it’s original size.

Other voyagers had reported becoming lost in the trees only to re-appear a few days later. One man was even said to have lost his identity, the authorities are still trying to discovered who the guy is! Traditionally the townsfolk of Whisper-Wood used to skirt the edges of the forest in order to find essential herbs and mushrooms. Of late however, it has become impossible to harvest even the most modest amounts, due to the troubles happening, the normally peaceful creatures ‘loosing the plot’ and ambushing innocent peoples.

So the unlikely pair were asked to Whisper-Wood castle to see the local lord, known as Jareb. The old noble told the tale of how his son had gone for long walks in the wood. Being filled with the impetuous youth, the spirit of rebellious adolescence, the young boy Barens has been missing for two weeks now, without so much as a trace. Not only this, but the frequency of normally placid creatures attacking townsfolk had increased substantially of late. Jareb is very anxious to discover the whereabouts of his son, and will offer a generous sum to the adventurers for his safe return.

After a brief negotiation the two settled on having a shrine put-up in the name of their respective gawds (namely Berenger’s yondalla and Garag’s pangrus) in the town of Whisper-Wood. On top of that they would be paid the generous sum of 500 Crowns (1,000 Gp) each, as well as a permanent magick item each.

The two were led to the forests edge by a pair of blue-robed royal guardsmen. They were shown the last known whereabouts. Delving into the beginning of the tree-line, the two little demi-humans made their way, into the forest. Bright shafts of sunlight majestically pierced the gloom, making the walk a pleasant one. The odd butterfly crossing their path, and the occasional stag seeing them, then taking flight.

It wasn’t long before the two came a-cropper. Garag was surprised, as were the beasts but Berenger was on the case, racing towards two black bears. The two bears were not however hostile and the couple of adventurers made their way past without let or hindrance.

The next encounter, about half-a-day or so later, was with a giant porcupine. The thing shot out a number of barbed darts against Garag, missing. Berenger slammed into it with a Cause Serious Wounds spell, finding his mark and bringing the aggressive giant porcupine down a notch or two. Garag taunted the thing, provoking it in to attacking him. It struck home, cutting the Gnome-Titan, meaning that the Berserker’s Combat Arrogance quirk was sated and it was okay for him to attack. (Garag cannot attack unless he’s hit, taking damage, beforehand!) The little Berserker’s attack hit, his +4 Gnomish short-sword of battle-sense stabbing at the giant prickly beast. A couple of rounds later and it was down.

A day or so later, the two came across a trio of were-bears. They were also hostile. Garag did his usual “C’mon, hit me, hit me!”, so one of them obliged him accordingly. Berenger waded in there bravely, he cast Touch of Death spell, hitting the were-bear with ease. Rolling some serious open-ended damage and knocking the lycanthrope down to a mere two hit points! “That’s why I use magick!”, the little Hobbit exlaimed. The were-bear legged it after a failed morale check but Berenger’s attack of opportunity missed it’s mark. The lycanthropes began fighting back, clawing and biting the heroes. They were dealt some heavy damage that round, both were badly wounded.

In the rounds that followed the fleeing were-bear mustered his resolve and re-joined the fight, albeit with trepidation. Garag took another stab at his opponent and his magickal blade found it’s target. Meanwhile Berenger tried and failed to hit the other with another Cause Serious Wounds spell, this time however he failed to hit the thing. It struck back, fumbling and falling to the ground. Garag kept on wearing down the one monster left attacking him, scoring a swathe of targeted strikes, stabbing up the enemy bad.

Berenger tried another spell, this time a Cause Light Wounds. He also fumbled, the strap on his shield braking. (We used the simplified house rule, in-place of keeping track of item H.P. and the body shield made it’s saving throw, so wasn’t therefore so damaged to be beyond repair). The other lycanthrope returned to exact vengeance on Berenger and did so in style, a 20! The little Hobbit of the fertility gawdess yondalla took a whopping severity-level twelve critical to the lower knee! Disaster looked imminent, that was before Garag’s final blow took out the one he had been concentrating on. Seeing his fellow were-bear dying before him, the heavily wounded lycanthrope decided to leg-it again, Berenger threw his Hammer of Mijolneer and it brought down the beast, bringing it back to human form once again.

The last were-bear decided to surrender, offering them what treasure he had. The two heroes showed the confused were-bear mercy, Berenger instantly using-up a charge on his Staff of Curing to heal the former enemy. They were rewarded by taking the creatures stash of items which included 4 crowns (equivalent to Hard Silver or Mithril Pieces), 25 guineas (equivalent to Platinum), two blue-quartz gem-stones worth five crowns each, and a golden tiara inlaid with platinum worth 1,100 crowns. They also found a number of magickal Protection scrolls and two potions. Garag used his identify potion talent to discern what was within the cloudy vials. The blue one turned out to be a potion of Detect Invisibility and the colourful pinkish liquid was identified as a Potion of Delusion.

After resting up, camping in the woods, the two had an uneventful night and began new their search for Barens then following morning. Soon enough they met some more forest folk, this time four unicorns. They were friendly but bade the duo not to trample their region of the forest which was rich in herbs. Garag enquired as to what variety of herbs it was that was so precious and asked if he could have a sample. The unicorns had an abundance and agreed to let go of a small sample if they agreed not to enter this part of the woodland. The six parted ways amicably, one ounce of Unicorn pipe-weed better-off.

The following happening was with eight Ents (Treants, to those of you who use the American terminology and not papa Tolkein’s name for tree-men). They were also friendly towards the heroes but again, bade them to take another route, and not wander into their lair. Just then, Berenger caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye, a pixie. Before he could track the magickal creature though, it vanished into thin air.

The next encounter with a dozen Brownies (Forest Fairy’s, not desserts, blatantly) shed a little light on the situation. The gentle creatures explained that the pixies have been playing tricks on people and that they suspected the Forest Fairy’s are behind the recent upset. The two groups went there own ways, again leaving on good-terms.

Then the two saw three-dozen Sprites who flew all about them. Although not initially hostile, they did have their sleep-arrows nocked in their short-bows, aimed right at the two protagonists. After a moment of parleying, the two managed to negotiate going to see the Pixie-King. The Sprites would show them the way to the rough whereabouts of the Pixie’s encampment but would partake no further with regard to their involvement in this affair.

Their were a couple of more interesting crossing of paths en route to the Pixie-King; namely a Pegasus (which turned out to be an illusion) and then Garag noticing the spell-casting Pixie hiding behind a tree. The two downed doses from the potion of Detect Invisibility and then traced the fleeing Pixie back to his hide-out. Though slower across land, Berenger is able to Levitate at a rate of 18” per round so following him wasn’t a problem. Leaving trail-markers for Garag. After a time though, the Hobbit became bored with the Pixie sending them on a wild goose chase, leading them into illusionary huts and mayan glens, all products of his spell-casting. The Hobbit priest cast Hold Person on the Pixie, while Garag threatened the little Pixie if he didn’t show them the right way. Stuffing the Held Pixie into his Bag of Holding Berenger and Garag made their way to the Pixie-King’s village.

Once there the two were given an audience with Ebron – the Pixie-King. It was revealed to them that Gwellen, the Pixie-Queen had been helping Barens, and it was rumoured she kept him as a secret lover. The two were offered to join them for a banquet, to which they politely declined, for t’was rumoured that if one accepted a single morsel, that they would be trapped there for all-time.

In the quiet of night, Gwellen approached the sleeping players and offered to lead them to where Barens was. They followed her willingly, before long the trio arrived at a small wooden shack, secluded deep within the forest. Barens was pleased to see Gwellen, and welcomed to two strangers who had arrived with his queen. The young noble was unshaven with matted hair, dressed in rags and smelt of the forest. Both Berenger and Garag tried to explain that Jareb was growing evermore worried about his whereabouts. That he should come with them, back home to castle Whisper-Wood. He refused. Two failed charisma checks later and he still wouldn’t leave his beloved Gwellen. It wasn’t until Berenger made another pitch, eloquent and well role-played that Barens was persuaded to at least come home briefly to see his father.

Leaving the forest, the four encountered an illusionary giant-weasel and nothing else of note happened. Barens explained his story, about how he had met and fell in love with Gwellen. To try and put an end to their affair, Ebron had sent out Pixie’s to Confuse and cast Sleep and Phantasms on him. Fortunately for the young man, he had happened upon a group of Wood Elves (the tall Allansian variety, from the worlds of Titan and Middle-Earth, not the Peter-Pan Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch variety found in the American AD&D books). The tall Wood-Elves had also taken a liking to the young wanderer. After hearing his story, and sympathising with him, they fashioned him an amulet to protect Barens against the Pixie’s magick.

Once home, the Lord Jareb was mightily pleased at having his progeny back safe, at least for the time-being. A compromise was reached: Jareb would order the construction of a small dwelling near to the forest for his son to go and stay in from time to time. Somewhere more comfortable than the shack Barens had hastily constructed. In exchange, Barens would not leave home, and could continue his relationship with Gwellen. Jareb also ordered the construction of the two shrines (to pangrus and yondalla), paid the pair five hundred crowns each, and also gave them some magick, for returning his son. Here ended the session. Garag levelled-up from Rage-Master to Battle-Bane (Level Four), and Berenger is still miles away from Level Nine Priest, but he’s slowly creeping there.

The Story So Far… (cue West-Country accent, thick Devonian) “What happened waaaaas…”

After meeting leaving Barens, Gwellen the Pixie-Princess and the Lord Jareb of Whisper-Wood, Garag and Berenger happened upon a Dark-Elf Wizardess whilst exploring the Slaztek jungle, to the south of Snuggle Nook. Heading towards the fishing village of Chala, the underground crew discovered a village elder, wandering in the swamps. After being spared Garags initial idea of slaying the old man, the trio stopped and spoke to the wizenend old chap. His name was Vanto and explained that a holy statue had been recently stolen from his native town of Chala, and t’was widely rumoured that t’was lizardmen to blame.

The home-grown crew we’re escorted at once to seek an audience with Chala’s chieft elder, who happened to be Vento all along and he explained (evidence) and offered them one-quarter of the towns annual income for successful recovery of the statue.

Venturing into the swamp Garag was surprised by a large group of animated trees, oak, willow and rowan; who, incidentally, were also just as surprised to see the Gnome-Titan and his new-found friends. Keera Jr. and Berenger however had the drop on these guys. The aggressive Algoid plant-men were set upon, the Drowizardess casting sleep but rolling snake-eyes wasn’t able to make the animated Ents slumber. Berenger flew towards them and cast a Cause Light Woundsspell on the nearest oak, he scored a hit, knocking the big-tree down a few notches. The Ent retaliated smacking the Hobbit and caining him badly for a dozen or so points of damage in two successive attacks.

The monsters were far more than they bargained for, four and score creatures of the forest, angry at being disturbed shambled towards the underground-crew, leafy branches flailing in the wind. Garag started striding towards the tree-folk, taunting and goading them into hitting him. None of the four-and-twenty tree-folk did so, lumbering ever-so slowly towards the crew. Garag was still reserving his initiative when Keera Jr. cast her Tauntspell, two of the Ents caught within the spells radius failed their saving throws and started towards the Dark-Elf Wizardess. The Berserker then threw himself in-between the tree-folk and Kerra II when the two of them attacked him, successfully striking hits, damaging him and sending him in to a wild frenzy! Lashing out, Garag smacked one of the oak-men, taking a chunk out of him.

All hell broke loose as Berenger tried to cast another Causewhatever Wounds (this time a Light), was hit in the face with an attack of opportunity; not only this but the Hobbit Preacher-man failed his subsequent concentration check, thus the incantation was nullified.


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