Cosmic Characters

These tables are to intended to work with wxhtmk character generation program (after rolling the adventurer’s stats, and inputting them into the prog’, naturally).

Cultural (straight human and the variety of demi-humans)

I have a D8 with various cultures on each face: human, elf, dwarf, gnome, hobbit, half-orc, half-elf, dark-elf. (Classic cultures)

Sub-species: hobbits (D4)

1 Halfling thug
2 Hairfoot hobbit
3 Tallfellow hobbit
4 Stout hobbit

Sub-species: elf (D3)

1 Grey-elf
2 High-elf
3 Wood-elf

Sub-species: dwarf (D2)

1 Hill dwarf
2 Mountain dwarf

Sub-species: gnome (D2)

1 Mountain gnome
2 Forest gnome

Sub-species: dark-elf (D2)

1 Drow (Black-elf)
2 Grel (Grunge-elf)

Sub-spiecies: half-elf (D6)

1 Half grey-elf
2 Half high-elf
3 Half wood-elf
4 Half grel
5 Darkman, half-drow (see the adventure ‘annihilate the giants’ appendices)
6 Player’s choice

Cosmic Characters

Snuggle Nook Maxen