History of the Nook

“Alas, t’was the time of Teo. By Snugglewood reckoning, precisely nineteen years after the Enlightenment. Before which, four long years of war had wearied all known species. Making the Nook only twenty-three annuls old. As the slow reluctant recovery began, help was at hand. The good-kind fairie-folk descended from rainbows, and from within circles, magick-wells and other gate-ways to the pixie-plane of existence. So it began. From here, we meet one Pixie-Fairie-kin, a leprechaun to be exact. The very start of our journey, back into the Snugglewood.

The scholars, and writers of Tadisagan history reckon the first writings to be at the time of Teo, year twenty-three. However, further evidence has surfaced to prove the beginning of our tale, to have started in Midsumor-monath (Sere), in the nineteenth year A.R. {The Age of Reason}

Annul III (2 T.S.) Time of Sorrow
The Hordes of Darkness rode roughshod over Tadisaga. The first Orcs crept out of the sea, terrifying townsfolk. The Flibsian Elfolk made a diabolic deal with the Dark-Forces of Davey. Both Elves and Darknights stood united against the tide of Human expansion and Imperial Industrialization. After three whole days of warring, the battle of five nations ends in a stalemate. In the aftermath, ’t was Orcdom who bore the brunt of the human counter-attack. They fought tooth and nail against Humanity’s three continents, losing as many actions as they won. While Orcdom kept the human royal-powers at bay, a Flibsian surprize spring-offensive catches one human heptarchy off-guard. The battle for Æther Forest, as it was known, was the last major engagement in recorded history. [W.F.B. 3rd ed.]

Annul V (1 A.R.) The Enlightenment
The dawn of a new epoch: the Age of Reason. The first expedition is sent underneath the city to discover the source of an infestation. Reports of the adventure spread throughout the neighbouring lands. The story spread, and before you knew it, many bands of heroes sprang up. Answering the call. One group, called Calliopes’ Hammer, stood out amongst the two-towns’ myriad of adventuring companies. [1st ed.AD&D and W.F.R.P.]

Annul VI (2 A.R.)
The Heroes of Oakhayes Manor embark on a lengthy campaign. Guppy the Wolfen Assassin, Husky the Forest-Gnome Fire Elementalist, and Slab the Peoples’ Hero, base of stock. These three link-up with elements of Calliopes’ Hammer. [2nd ed.AD&D]

Annul VII (3 A.R.)
Elfæn-Isle begins to flex it’s power over the mainland. Doveria defenders her borders. The quest for the spirit-stones starts. The first encounter with old-lady crumhorn. [2nd ed.AD&D Birthright]

Annul VIII (4 A.R.)
Re-unification of a couple of Calliopes’ Hammer and Kenny’s Crew. [original W.F.R.P.]

Annul XXII (18 A.R.)
A brief excursion to ancient Arthuria, ending badly. [3rd ed.D&D]

Annul XXIII (19 A.R.) The Reawakening
Liærra: Sæmus O’Finnigan [Leprechaun, Mage/Thief], and Silchas Anasurimbor enter Randall’s Keep, on the Borderlands. Betwixt Frestonia, Fang, and the Old-Mountain Kingdom. The two players have with them a few N.P.C.‘s, including Shælf Chaff – Sæmus’ sidekick – and a couple of halfling-thugs they found in a vagrants camp, just beyond the settlement walls. Once inside the town, Silchas sees a prize-fight and accepts. He wins against a gorilla, gets paid in fake coinage. For an amount equalling 500 sceattæ (G.p.) The pair then accepted a quest three days ride to the south. They are repelled by a nest of lizardmen. [straight Hack-Master, not the Basic set]

Lidæftevr, Mæd-monath: Silchas wandered off into the wilderness to commune with nature. T’other two, undettered, Sæmus and Shælf seek help in dealing with the troublesome reptilians. They happen upon a Soldier (Gærdal Ironhand, Joe; a Gnome-Titan) with his Henchman (Gærdal Ironhand, Jane; a Gnomish Rogue-Priest). After a succession of failed Presence-Factor checks, looking for more N.P.C.’s, they were unable to enlist any more help apart from an orcish bouncer at the local tavern. They set out upon the quest once more. Take another sound beating. Flee, barley escaping with their lives, etcetera, etcetera.

Post-Annul XXIV (20 A.R. onwards…)
Hannibal has a shot at running some games, successfully. As does Paco-Jay, with equally fruitful results. The Catalunya Crew head out for the first and last time together; and the rest, as they say, is history…"

History of the Nook

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