We just kicked off the Snuggle Space Jam’ Campaign. Here’s the posse:

Valraven (a monk from the eastern orient, Chi’ Kung) Lv.6
JJ (Jay Junior, Aardvarkian Space-Pirate: Rogue variant) Lv.6
Maggie: Elfæ Wizardess of O’Finniga (Færie Queen) effectively Lv.9

Space Jam (April, 2013)

These are the older adventures of the Underground Homegrown Crew (U.H.C. for short).

We started in the midst of May, 2009 and are from England (a.k.a. the Anglyn Isle)

Shortersesh (July, 2012)

Shortsesh (July, 2012)

Orphalese (May-July, 2012)

Seas of Snuggle-Nook (December, 2011)

Snuggle Nook

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