Snuggle Nook

No Convention (rpg)

The ebb and flow in the solar tide, the circling spheres spin slowly and speedily across tbe cosmos about Snuggle Nook. We are running a Spell-Jam’ campaign (SpaceH4CK).

A new fellowship is formed. Our new crew of the Millenia-Falcon are:

Ezekiel, Level 5 Monk from Nippon, Al’Qara Tur, The Nook.

Loftbruk, Level 1 Barbarian, from Dænor, Tadisaga (Human) [intends on dual-classing to Transporter] Neutral-Good.

Alfar, Level 1 Grey-Elf Battle-Mage. True-Neutral (Indifferent).

Bævan Wildwander, Level 1/1 Gnome Rogue/Priest of Baravar. True-Neutral (Indifferent). [N.P.C.]



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