Calendar Months

DAYS & MONTHS of the YEAR in the SNUGGLE-NOOK, by Grift-Mesiter Maxen the Saxon.

Source: the Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. (Keepin’ it real: from Hertha’s history)

Note: The first title in capitals is also a correct term for that month in the Common language (Anglyn).

FORMA (First Month)
Language Skill: Modern {Common, Anglyn/Hobbit}
Wulf (Because wolves are very troublesome then from the great scarcity of food.)
also known as Seoeftera geóla (the after-yule)
Language Skill: Modern {Stone, Latium}
Janus (Stona deity that keeps the gates of heaven, the image of whom has two faces looking opposite-ways. One face is old, and is the emblematic of times past; the other is young, as the emblem of time and the future)
Language Skill: Modern {Jute, Frisia}
Lauw-maand (meaning the frosty-month)
Language Skill: Modern {Cimbri, Sicambri}
Nivóse (meaning snow-month)

SOL (Month of the Returning Sun)
Common: Sprote-cál (from the sprouting of pot-wort or kele)
Stonæ: Hera (Sabine word meaning to purify; Juno, Februa or Februo)
Jute: Spokkel-maand (meaning the vegetation-month)
Cimbri: Pluviôse (meaning rain-month)

HLYD (Boisterous Month)
Common: Hrèth-monath (rough month, from it’s boisterous winds) or Length-monath (lengthening-month)
Stonæ: Arēs (Stona war-gawd and patron deity: Mars)
Jute: Lent-maand (meaning the lengthening-month)
Cimbri: Ventôse (meaning windy-month)

PASCHAL (Beltine Month)
Common: Orient-monath
Stonæ: Aperio (to open)
Jute: Gras-maand (grass-month)
Cimbri: Germinal (the time of budding)

TRIMILCHI (Month of milking herds thrice daily)
Common: Arachne-monath (named after the spinner: a demi-goddess; it’s pronounced “ah-rack-nay”)
Stonæ: Magius, Maius (to grow) {also Mah in ’Gyptias sanskrit}
Jute: Blou-maand (blowing month)
Cimbri: Floréal (the time of flowers)

LIDÆRRA (Joy time)
Common: Sere-monath (dry month) or Midsumor-monath (mid-summer month)
Stonæ: Junio’res (soldiers of the state, not from Hera-Juno: the queen-goddess)
Jute: Zommer-maand (summertime)
Cimbri: Prairial (month of the meadow)

LIDÆFTEVR (Second mild month)
Common: Mæd-monath (because the cattle are put into the meadows to feed)
Stonæ: Quintilis (fifth-month) or Jasaray (the emporer who was born in Quintilis)
Jute: Hooy-maand (hay-month)
Cimbri: Messidor (month of the harvest)

WEOD (Weed-month, where weed siginifies vegetation in general)
Stonæ: Aniculum (in honour of the legion of that region who pacified ’Gyptia and put an end to civil-war)
Jute: Oost-maand (harvest-month)
Cimbri: Thermidor (the month of heat)

GERST (Barley month)
Common: Hærfest-monath (harvestime) or Halig-monath (holy month)
Stonæ: Septus (seventh month from Arēs-Mars: where the year used to start)
Jute: Herst-maand (autumn month)
Cimbri: Fructidor (the month of fruit)

TEO (Tenth month)
Common: Winter-fylleth (winter full-moon) or Win-monath (wine month, time of the vintage)
Stonæ: Octovia (eighth month of Alban calender)
Jute: Wyn-maand (wine month)
Cimbri: Vendé-miaire (the time of vintage)

BLOT (Slaughter month, the time when the beasts were slain then salted down for winter use)
Common: Wind-monath (wind month, when the fishermen drew their boats ashore until next spring)
Stonæ: Novembia (the ninth Alban month)
Jute: Slaght-maand (slaughter month)
Cimbri: Brumaire (month of the fog)

SE URA GEÓLA (the anti-yule)
Common: Mid-winter monath
Stonæ: Decembia (tenth Alban month)
Jute: Winter-maand
Cimbri: Frimaire (month of the hoar-frost)

Calendar Months

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