Nations of the Nook

These are the countries that exist in the known-world of Tadisaga (Snuggle Nook)

Organisation: Monarchy
Language/Culture: Anglyn (Common, Hobbit)
Technology: Steel-working and primitive gun-powder.
Magick/Divinity: Dæmonic (Necromantic)
Founding Father: Marlowe

Organisation: Senate (Democracy)
Language/Culture: Stonæ (Latium)
Technology: Iron and Bronze, several ingenious innovations.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (Hellenic-Roman)
Founding Father: Æneas

Organisation: City-State Confederation (Democracy)
Language/Culture: Athenæ (Grec)
Technology: Iron and Bronze, many philosophical works and technologies.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (Hellenic)
Founding Mother: Hellen

Organisation: Monarchy
Language/Culture: Gyppo (’Gyptian)
Technology: Bronze, many inventions.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (’Gyptian)
Founding Mother: Cleopatra

Organisation: Monarchy
Language/Culture: Dænish (Norse)
Technology: Iron, some advances.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (Norse)
Founding Father: Herculēs (messenger)

Organisation: Tribal Fragments
Language/Culture: Brythonic (Gallic)
Technology: Bronze, some advances.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (Tu’atha De’Dannan)
Founding Father: Herculēs (messenger)

EDO Tribe
Organisation: Tribal Cohesion (but some internal division)
Language/Culture: Beni (Niger’)
Technology: Bronze [brass], scultping technology.
Magick/Divinity: Polytheistic (Beni)
Founding Father: Boreas (Aquilon)

HABE Tribe
Organisation: Tribal Cohesion
Language/Culture: Gur (Voltaic)
Technology: Iron, astronomy.
Magick/Divinity: Totemic Polytheism (Awa, Nommo)
Founding Father: Proteus

Nations of the Nook

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